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    Hey folks!

    No way am I gonna miss the Knoxville show! I was in Nashville last March and it was the best fucking night of my life. Of course, I had a ton of friends with me. This year everyone is gonna be working or out of town. <img>

    So does anyone in the Nashville area want to meet up and ride? Bonus points go to pretty girls! <img>

    I am a huge Dinosaur Jr. fan (and all related projects of course). I am also a swell guy! If anyone wants to ride with me or at least meet up for a caravan July 5th then let me know whats up. email me asap at [email protected]

    If not….well…I’ll be there anyway!!!!

    L8r – Shane

    PS – if you are out there Kat…let me know! I am Shannons friend, met you at last years show.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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