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    Friday night at my 3rd annual Halloween Costume Party, my friend/roommate had to drive me to the emergency room, for the very wound he inflicted upon me. My middle finger got sliced open like a hot dog roll with a samurai sword that was an accessorie to his costume, So in short it hurts very much for me to type at the moment, so im not gonna be on as frequently just keep in mind ill def be on if george bush lose’s that would probably take all the pain away,

    allright ive lost my train of though peace



    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
    hope you’ll be able to flip the bird again real soon mate!!

    how did he cut you? + why? + wtf?!?!?!?



    Ouch, I am so sorry Rich, I actually spent a few hours in the hospital myself today. I am anemic and it is causing me to get very weak and dizzy at times. I have never in my life "passed out" but the last few days I have had everything "go black" on me and I have to sit or lie down. My blood draw showed strong anemia but when I tried to take iron tablets it caused a very bad contition to happen inside my body.

    Any good stories from the emergency room? Once at St. Vincents in NYC I was in the emergency room waiting with a friend and a fellow comes in saying" help I’ve been shot", he was holding his side and then he slumped inside the doorway, we were all kind of stretching our necks to see him when BANG,BANG,BANG :shock:
    it turns out, I guess, that the fellows who shot him came back to finish the job. I turned to my friend and said GEEZE looks like we are going to have a longer wait. We did.


    Bucky Ramone


    ….not a wise thing to test samurai swords with your finger… :roll:

    "Annastefka" wrote:
    Any good stories from the emergency room?

    I worked in a hospital for about 10 years and after we changed to a new computer system part of my job was to teach the ER people how to work with the new system, as there were people who were only doing night shifts (don’t know how they do it, only working at night…. :roll: ) I spent a couple of nights at the ER of that hospital teaching them how to use the new system. Seen and heard some amazing things then, it was always ‘fun’ when the two opposing parties of a fight came in simulteneously… :shock:, another part of the fun was the ambulance people seeing an unfamiliar face (….me… :wink: ) in the coffee room of the ER, they immediately started to test the ‘newbie’ by telling the most ghastly stories while enjoying a good cup of coffee…. :lol: (….most of those stories are completely unsuitable for posting here, FS doesn’t have the warning signs for the graphic violent language used in them… :P)



    Yeah, DB, I love emergency room stories (I mean you know ones that are funny, not the sad ones) Here in Georgia a few years ago I was in the ER, with a daughter. A young guy (18 or so) came in with his parents and he was "drunk as hell" He could barely hold himself up, and it turns out he had shot himself in the foot with a 45 bullet type gun,the bullet went all the way through his foot and out the other side, he shot his foot for no reason, but it wasn’t an accident.
    He keep saying "I shot myself in the foot for no damn good reason" and "It don’t even hurt none" they sent a doctor out to the waiting room to do sort of a triage and I love the doctors first question "Why did you shoot yourself in the foot?" "He don’t know why" says his father and on and on the guy keep slurring the words "but I’m trying to tell everyone it don’t hurt at all" a few nurses helped the guy back into treatment rooms and the doctor just shook his head and looked straight at those of us sitting in the waiting room and said " Yeah, you drunk son of a gun, it may not hurt this minute, but it’s gonna hurt like fucking hell when you wake up tomorrow morning." I just loved it, and as you can tell still do to this day. Thanks for letting me share my story.



    i got my mobility back in my finger, and its not so painfull now, so all is well, now its time to see how good my insurance is



    aww, Halloween in the emergency room, no fun indeed! :|
    good to hear you’re recovering well :)



    Gotta agree, halloween in er can be horrifying. Hope your still making progress, no pain is a good thing…watch out for samurai swords :!:

    As for nite only staff in hospitals, I find that the most interesting staff members work at nite… :P :wink:

    Go Kerry Go 8)

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