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    Itheryn Luin

    so like, yeah………
    like, always feels good to be the new guy right?……..heh……..And all that jazz.
    Anyways, im from pdx, well close enough, if anyone else is from around here let me know it’d be cool to find anyone from around here who is as much of a dinosaur jr. junkie as me. Way the hell to much rap around here. Im all excited cuz if i go to this concert next weekend one of my friends says his uncle has a guitar that was once J’s and he’d probably let me play it (im a fairly proficient guitarist for anyone who cares). so yeah, that would be the major highlight of my entire life to this point. I feel like ive rambled on enough and annyone who actualy reads this is probably bored as hell by now so ill just leave you with this last thought:
    thisfklsdjfksdjkjkvc. and then some more fsadlkfjklsjd and ass and stuff you know?

    Bands: Sonic Youth, Led Zepplin, Nirvana, Meat Puppets, Radiohead, The Beatles, Smashing Pumkins………and so many more.


    expect nothing

    Welcome :) – Have Fun on the boards :mrgreen:



    Welcome to the boards Itheryn :mrgreen: :aliensmile:



    welcome on board, Itheryn Luin…

    I am a norwegian guy who lurk around on the board once in a while.. It must be strange to play that guitar, especially when J’s equippment burned down a week ago. :)



    hey Iheryn Luin, welcome here :D
    I’d really like to hear more about you & that guitar, if you have the chance to play it :P

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