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    Well, I have some great news for me, I was offered conditional employment, the job I have been interviewing for, for over half a year.
    I start in three weeks so I will be working ALL the time and therefore have very little Freakscene time, good for y’all. ;)
    The money is great and will allow my husband to stay home and hang with the kids. My job is in law enforcement, an upper level assignment, I will not walk the beat and arrest people or anything like that, enough said. My employment was conditional because I had to have a full physical today and upon passing I would have employment. Part of that physical was walking into what looked like an upright freezer.
    I sat in a chair with headphones on and was told to press a red button when I heard a tone. I was impressed because I thought I could hear tones on almost a subatomic level. After the test, the "sound" guy said thats fine and sent me on to the lab to do all that stuff. At the end of the physical the doctor met with me and said everything looked alright except my hearing, he said I have some noticable Hearing Loss, he asked me what I thought caused it……he than threw out suggestions, leaf blowing, lawn mowing, pressure washing, etc. I laughed and said "No, If I had to guess I would say loud music" He replied "Do you listen to really loud music on a regular basis?"
    I said I used to and then he said "Well, you screwed up your hearing, you have lost the upper range in both ears……….He said I will be one of those older people who ask "What did you say?" over and over, heck I’m one of those people now but I didn’t want to say so for fear of losing the job offer. I asked if it would affect my employment and he said not at this stage but don’t let it get worse.
    The funny thing is though, I thought my hearing was above average during the test, I was hearing little teeny tiny tones way far away, or at least I thought I was. Earplug…everything anyone has said about the importance of earplugs, well, they were right, I was wrong.






    Congrats on the new job! :) too bad about the hearing loss but all J fans have that :D ;)



    I’m glad you finally got that job you wanted.

    My aunt has bad hearing but she’s pretty cool, so I wouldn’t sweat it too much ;D



    Thanks, I don’t have to learn to read lips yet, I can still "hear" who is coming down the driveway if I am on the other side of the house, I can tell the difference between my husbands truck, and his friend Kevin’s truck, and Joe’s van and Johnny’s truck and Bonnie’s car and on and on, it is one of my "special" talents, knowing who is coming down our driveway by the sound. I don’t know what the "upper range" does. I do know if I have a lot of sound going on like the radio, baby babble, dog bark, I can have trouble understanding what someone is saying to me if they are over several feet away. I know I did some damage to them with J Mascis and friends.


    fata morgana

    Congrats about the job :) And sorry about the hearing loss :(

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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