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    Dereck Johnsen

    Hay people,

    I’m Dereck Johnsen, I’m from the netherlands. And I’m 19 years old :alien:
    I play guitar, build guitars, guitar amps and effect pedals.
    I own a J. Mascis Jazzmaster and 1 red/wite American Jazzmaster + 2 Japanese sunburst Jazzmasters.
    I got my J. Mascis JM in 2009, my American JM in 2008 and the other ones I got for free. My dad gave them to me.

    I think my engels is not that good. But I hope I can make myself clear.

    P.s. I’m a big fan of Dinosaur Jr. and J. Mascis & the Fog
    saw them in 2009 in Rotterdam (thats a town in Holland) and I wanted to see them in Amsterdam too
    but it was soled out…



    Welcome :D



    Welcome a board. :)



    Hi Dereck ,
    Welcome to the forum.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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