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    got home from work, turned on my computer, chkdsk or something like that started to check one of my hd’s for consistency or something like that. and then it suddenly started deleting a lot of "orphaned" files or whatever. The result is that it deleted 180 gb’s of bootlegs. All my dino, pavement, gbv down the drain. It’s a huge possibility that I’ve lost my will to live.



    and you wanted to give me a hard drive… suurrrrrreeeeeeeee.
    dude, get virus protection and keep it up2date (daily)
    windows update on automatic
    stay off those porn sites.

    close port 5000………….




    apparently the reason that chkdsk started in the firstplace was a bad cable(connection) from the motherboard to the hd, which led to something that I didn’t quite understand(mapping issues?) Which then caused a whole lot of stuff that I didn’t understand at all. Bottom line is xp tried to fix something that wasn’t wrong. And that fucked me good.
    I’ve got every update except for sp2 due to its interference with a lot of programs that I use and norton firewall and antivirus and spybot etc etc etc. Sadly that didn’t protect me against this.
    Oh and I have sex, I don’t need to watch it on my puter :P

    Thanks jeremiah, if the techheads at work fail, I’ll give that one a try.



    plus, the fact that the hd I have windows on being so old and burned out that it’s sporting something called cyclic redundency error, apparently doesn’t help windows in performing its best.



    do you have the windows running better now?
    i can check it for you if you’d like .



    oh wow, that sucks in a HUGE way! :( :( :(
    hope you find a way to reconstruct the disk content!



    Ouch :!:

    Hope the tech heads can help you recover those bootlegs :idea:



    Ur Own Fault My Friend
    That happens when ure a fan of that loser Solberg



    K7 Rides Again

    I had to reformat my hard drive a while back. Transferred everything over a wireless connection to the laptop for safe storage. After I got everything on my puter fixed, moved all the files back over. Puter messed up again shortly after, everything back over the wireless to the laptop and back again once my computer was straightened out.

    The downside, although I didn’t lose nearly as much as you, I did manage to lose many music files in the repeated transfers; collectibles, b-sides, bootlegs, and otherewise very rare stuff I may never see again, as well as some photos (thank god I had all the photos backed up on disc).

    My solution, backing up everything on an external hard drive. If anything comes onto the computer, at least it doesn’t corrupt the external HD.

    (I recommend keeping it a safe distance of at least 8 feet from the computer unless it’s connected.) :lol:

    The small investment is worth the avoidance of the devestation. 8)



    i recommend not keeping your ‘prizes’ on your C: drive.

    partition your hard drive into two drives, a C: and a D:
    use drive C: for windows OS, and your program files.
    use drive D: for your mp3’s.

    if your windows crashes, your drive D: is safe, and you can safely reinstall/format over drive C:

    taking an old computer and making a file server is even more ideal.
    grab an old pentium 1 computer, load it full of hard drives, share those hard drives with your laptop, and just ‘stream’ the music over wifi.

    at my house, i have this old p.o.s. computer and all it does is run media player to play movies and music.
    all of the data comes from my other computer with loads of hard drives.

    and since all of the data is on the other computer, two or more other computers can access that data at the same time.


    K7 Rides Again

    yeah, that would be ideal!

    I’d do the partition, but being the inept computer fool I am, I never learned how to partition even though it seems fairly easy…

    I got 40 gigs of space just wasting away on an old puter, but would need to upgrade it with a wireless card, or i guess i could do a direct connect through the modem and access it with the other two puters like you’re saying, but would still need some updgrades to pull it off.

    Would definately love to do it this way and have access to the files from th eother two though…

    The external HD works good enough I guess 8)
    Plus the exercise up and down the stairs doesn’t hurt :shock:



    Wireless comes in USB form now, ya know… :wink:

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