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    fata morgana

    Hope your day is filled with fun ;)



    Thank You My friend, today is day two of the celebration, anyone who wants to join if you live near the NYC area, there will be a birthday party for me at The Whisky bar on 2nd and Washington in Hoboken



    happy birthday !!!!
    It’s Santori Time !!!



    We all know what a crock of crap astrology is right ;)

    I found this and started laughing out loud so you know it must contain a least a kernal of truth:

    Sagittarians are optimistic, kind, love freedom and have a large circle of friends. However, they don’t care for discipline or confined spaces and have a tendency to procrastinate. :D (procrastinate)

    Sagittarians need understanding partners who can cope with abrupt changes of plan.( ::)) Those born under this sign are tactless and can hurt with their brutal remarks. They need to spend their lives with organised and tolerant people.

    Sagittarians go for anything that gives free reign to their adventurous spirit. They often fail to look before where they leap, and as a result suffer quite a few bruises.

    Have a great day Rich, I love the changes of plan part, I don’t know about you but several years ago I left the house with my Sagittarian friend to go to the health food store to get some green vibrance to put into our apple juice and on the way there she looked at me and said "I know a great health food store in Miami lets go" and we did…………..having children will cut those kind of things out unless you’re a Sagittarius just the other day after "trick or treating" with her son, instead of driving home, she drove to Kiawa Island,When she called to tell me she was half the way there, I asked her "what about school" and she said "school, hahahaha, doesn’t scare me" Rock on then…………..


    "Rich " wrote:
    there will be a birthday party for me at The Whisky bar on 2nd and Washington in Hoboken

    Tom Waits wrote something about a whiskey bar in the song Muriel?He also wrote about a Jersey girl :) must be the same bar ;)

    Happy Birthday Rich 8) ;D :D



    Have a Happy Happy Joy Joy kinda B’day Rich!!!

    But remember, when around intoxicating substances, it’s best not to mess with sharp objects like samurai swords… ;)



    Thank You everyone, Anna If I had the money I would be all over the world, but I’m stuck in this corporate trap for now, until I no longer fear having nothing,

    and Coma, there were no samurai swords this year, I lucked out

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