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    "Flying Cloud" wrote:
    must be so inconvenient to have trouble with Gluten :|
    it seems to be in almost all food, even when it’s not printed on the wrapping :(

    It`s in just about everything.Anything with wheat,oats,and barley and additives in alot of foods(and most alcohol since ethanol comes from wheat flour);I stayed on a gluten free diet for 8 years until one day I decided not to anymore,I just don`t overdo it.If I do then comes cramps,headaches,vomiting,intense sweating,etc. :(



    now that sounds surely uncomfortable :( good that you know quite well how to handle it!



    yeah, i (finally) discovered in april that gluten wasn’t good for me + it was ripping my insides to shreds :shock: … i feel a lot better now … but like you say, there’s so much food you have to avoid, it’s very difficult … especially when you eat out or when you’re travelling :roll: :|

    on that gluten note, i tried to make some gluten free chocolate chip cookies to bring into my volunteer job the other day … it was the 1st time i had tried to make anything w/gluten free flour + well, it was a complete disaster … yuk :!: :!: :o



    oh yeah + sg – seeing as how you’re a gluten-free veteran – if you have any tips, i’d be glad to hear them …



    Hope you had a Happy birthday!!



    yep … i did – thanks … :aliensmile:

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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