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    It`s tomorrow actually…

    Happy Birthday Matt!! ;D :) 8)


    fata morgana

    Happy Birthday
    To our Matt
    He’s always fixing
    This and that
    But now it’s time
    To drink a pint
    To: our Matty
    Happy Birthday ! ;D


    Bucky Ramone

    Happy Birthday Mattman!!! Enjoy & have a good one! 8) :)





    Happy Annual Age Increment Day 8)



    Have a great day!!!




    happy birthday! when is the sitegoing ot be back and running like it was a long ass time ago??? hey it would be cool to use the old <a <a>SST</a>Â graphics in the montage ….




    Wow, thanks everybody!

    Today has not been a good day… :(

    The story:
    We went out to celebrate last night at this place called Julie’s, where they have a karaoke bar. My evil, evil friends kept putting shots in front of me, even after I’d crossed the point where I didn’t realize they were giving me alcohol. Keep in mind that I have never been totally, all the way drunk. I’ve always been the type to have a few drinks, to the point that I’m "happy" and then cut my self off. Well, I apparently was taken to the point of maximum anihilation last night. I honestly can’t remember a big chunk of the night, but apparently I had a blast and am a very happy drunk… going around, professing my love for my friends and giving them big sloppy kisses on the cheek (and more embarrassingly, I apparently got a little grabby with a couple of the girls… fortunately, they are not the types to take offense to such things. :-[ )

    Anyway, moral of the story… I was totally hating life almost all day today. Couldn’t hold down any food or liquids until around 4pm this afternoon, and I still feel pretty shitty here at 10pm… The biggest thing though, is that I can’t remember much of what went on last night. If I’m having so much fun, I want to remember it, dammit! My roommate says that I’ll probably start remembering bits and pieces over the next few days… Didn’t get the trademark pounding headache though, so I’m greatful for that…

    I figure I’ll be good to go after a good night’s sleep for the real birthday tomorrow. I better be, my sister’s having the family over for BBQ ribs! ;D

    Well, I didn’t mean to pull down the mood of this thread… Seriously, thank you all for the birthday wishes. Mattman is mighty, and the are few woes that can keep him down for long!

    Seriously though… NEVER AGAIN! I’ll keep my happy inducing 2-4 beers and leave the hard stuff to the pros from now on. :o



    OUCH, sorry about the hangover, hope you are feeling better today.

    I wanted to share with everyone about my night last night and this seems like it would be the perfect addition to this thread.

    I worked in the 911 center last night because we had a huge college football game that brought an additional 120,000 people to town!

    We had so many "mandown" calls, that is people laying on the side of the road or in bushes ect. "Mandown" is a catch all phrase until the cops get there and find out what the problem is, every single man down call was changed to a "signal 2" (drunk)

    and we had sooo many, I’m drunk calls, like I’m drunk and I can’t find my car, I’m drunk and I can’t find the bar I was just in and they start to describe it, "yeah, it had like a bar up front" "with tables in the back" and "a couple of bathrooms in the back" I don’t know I walked out the front door for fresh air and I got lost, I just want to find my girlfriend" another was "I am drunk and I can’t remember where I am or why?" when we told him "Athens, Georgia", he kept saying……."Athens, Georgia……thats so strange…Athens, Georgia…."Sir, we ask, did you come to town to day for a football game and then start drinking" "I did do a lot of drinking today but I think I was supposed to see a football game but I never did" "Sir the game starts at 7:45, it’s only 6:30 right now" ……big pause… "Do I have tickets for the game" "Sir thats a question that your going to have to answer yourself" click

    We were kept laughing until the wee hours of the morning, I had to take the head set off at one point because I was laughing so hard.
    this is sort of an example of a call I had that made me laugh so hard…..

    "Athens, Clarke County 911"

    "gutteral moanings, more painful moans" ………………"Oh, God, help"

    "Hello, Hello, 911, where are you? Whats going on? (this was a from a phase 1 cell phone with out global positioning)

    "Oh, God, I’m drunk as shit, and I’m from out of town and I can’t find my buddy"

    "Oh, shit" as the phone drops

    Waiting for 20 seconds or so for the phone to be picked up, listen to the sounds of hundreds of people in the background on the street.

    "Can you please help me out I have an emergency"

    "Okay, other than being drunk, what is your emergency" (I get a good chuckle from the room)

    "I can’t find my buddy"

    "Sir, I’m sorry, I can’t send an officer over to help you find your buddy"

    "thats not a real emergency"

    "It is to me, he has the keys to our hotel room"

    "oh, God"

    "Okay, sir, I wish you a lot of luck finding your buddy, I have to go and catch other calls Okay"

    several seconds pass, ring…ring….ring

    "Athens Clarke county, 911"

    "yeah, I just got some girl on the phone when I called a few minutes ago and she wasn’t nice to me"

    "Uhh huhh" (knowing it was me)

    "yeah, see, I fucking drunk as hell, and I don’t remember the name of the hotel where I am staying and I have lost my buddy"

    "other than suggesting, you try and find another hotel or you walk the streets until you find your buddy, I don’t know what I can do for you"

    "you suck, I thought 911 was for helping, FUCK YOU, I hope when you get lost from your buddy someday( all of this slurred) no one comes to help you, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU……..click

    ring, ring, ring "Acc 911"

    "Could you PLLLLLLLLLease heLLLLLLLLLP MEEEEEEEE" (hickup, hickup)

    at this point I am stuck, Thank goodness, a supervisor picks up the phone, "Sir, do you need a place to stay for the night and do I understand you that you are unable to find a hotel room on your own? "Okay, I’ll send an officer out to pick you up and take you to the jail for the night just tell me where you are"

    "ummm, I am on the corner of College Ave. and……………….by this time I took the headset off to laugh along with everyone else"

    "When you ask to go to jail you know you must be drunk as shit"

    over all it was busy but entertaining……..



    Hope the pain has gone away Mattman, nothing hurts quite like a hangover, glad you didn’t have the splitting head horror, got lucky there!!!

    Have fun at the BBQ, drink lots of water… 8)



    I’M BACK! ;D

    Feeling much better today…

    That’s a very odd story, Annastefka. To think that you got so many of those calls… :o Hope the guy had a good night in jail! :P

    Water… check! ;)



    yeah your back, yes, I would love to burn a cd of many of the calls that we had last night just for a good laugh…………….

    We impounded over 100 cars for being improperly parked, and I’m talking about parking in peoples yards, and in bus loading zones and one car had even knocked down the No Parking sign, somehow, and then parked on top of it, when the cop called it in even he was laughing, he said it was a first for him. but the best part about improperly parked cars is about 30 mins. after the game, they told me, your gonna get about one hundred calls from people looking for their cars. Many of them rich, white, Bulldog fans and they are going to want you to return their cars, sort of valet style. Sure enough, the first call I had sounded like a very refined Southern Lady, "Ummm hello, My name is Shelby Martin and My husband Dr. John Martin and I have just returned to find our car has been moved by the police department."

    "Uh Huh" "Do you know your tag number?"

    "I do not, but it was a Lexus, White in color, well actually I think they call it "vanilla" (chuckle) ummm, 2005 SC430, We just would like to get it back"

    "Okay, one minute…….(While I am checking the data base she says….) "We parked up in the yard of the Sigma Kappa house, I was once a Sigma Kappa girl, many years ago……I thought they might tow my car, I tried to find a place to park I would have gladly paid $100.00 dollars for a spot but none could be found, We drove in from Augusta and got to town a little late I guess….."

    "Okay, I found your car, it was towed by Buck’s towing Company, they are located out on highway 441 and there number is…….

    "Could you just give them a ring and let them know we are back at the spot from where they towed it…right in front of Sigma Kappa.."

    The supervisor in the room piped up to me (cause hey, I barely know what I am doing) This is when you tell them that Athens Clarke County Police Department does not serve as your gameday valet, What Planet are you from?….

    Of course I left out the planet part………..but she was however in shock….

    "I can not believe this is all she kept saying until I said goodluck and goodbye……..



    ha ha ha that sounds like quite a bit of excitement there annastefka…. what did they do with the men down? … and does that mean they didnt have any women down?



    Happy birthday and may that tooth always continue to sparkle



    Thanks to Mattman, for letting me use his birthday thread….I am at work this morning and have had another good laugh, something happened after I left for the night, I have never heard of road rash, OUCH……this is more of the same kind of stuff…

    FROM the ATHENS BANNER HERALDÂ Â We are all thankful that MATTMAN doesn’t become totally unhinged when drunk……..

    Man arrested after naked run downtown
    Â |Â Â Â |Â Â Story updated at 10:28 PM on Sunday, November 13, 2005
    Andrew Thomas Martin, 21, of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., was arrested at 2:41 a.m. Sunday for public indecency after streaking through downtown Athens, Athens-Clarke police said.

    Martin, who attends Auburn University, was chased by multiple officers north on North Jackson Street, then east on East Clayton Street before being tackled, according to an incident report. He was treated by EMS for road rash and then was taken to the Clarke County Jail, police added.



    Police tackling drunk naked people!?

    Well I never.

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