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    here’s a translated italian article with hanin elias … http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=it&u=http://www.freakout-online.com/intervista_templates.htm&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dj%2B%252B%2Bluisa%2Bmascis%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26ie%3DUTF-8

    here’s the original webpage : http://www.freakout-online.com/intervista_templates.htm

    it says luisa is the sister of p.virus … who is p.virus ?

    Hanin Elias

    While Alec Empire is remained still enough legacy to its past, Hanin Elias the feminine element of i (was) Atari Tennage Riot has been ripresentata on the record market with a third disc from solista, "Not Games Not Fun", that it has been a decided step in ahead in the artistic maturation of the musician sirio-German. Tired it are considered the oltranzista lolita one of the digital-hardcore, the Elias has called a series of prestigious friends ( J. Macis of the Dinousaur Jr, Khan , Alexander Hacke of the Einstuerzende Neubauten between the others) that its musical horizons have widened in esponenziale way.

    More than than abjuration, it is be a matter of evolution. A look to the future that, however, it has not made them to lose the taste for the provocazione as "data transmission" certifys the chat that follows:

    According to you which are the main differences between "In Flames" and your new album "Not Games Not Fun"? To in particular it interested to know me in order which reason on "Not Games.." six taken advantage to you of the aid therefore many musicians.

    First of all: regarding my previous disc, to the realization "Games Fun" other musicians like J Mascis of the Dinosaur Jr., Khan Oral have not collaborated, Alexander Hacke, Merzbow , M. Mentrup and, naturally, the loved members of mine band P. Virus and C.H.I.F.F.R.E. In truth for the new album I have recorded of old pieces that I had realized with Alec Empire.

    After some to me it go from the DHR, I have decided to found one my label the Fatal Recording. I felt the requirement to bring of the changes in my life in how much that me seemed a necessary step for my personal increase. I did not have no equipment therefore I have asked C.H.I.F.F.R.E, with which I had worked to the organization of the Fatal-Filmfest, if it could give one hand to me to record the album. Only the two brani that I had recorded until then were those with P. Virus and C.H.I.F.F.R.E. and that one with J. Macis. C.H.I.F.F.R.E. had not never recorded nothing while still alive its and therefore we have been forced to buy of the equipment to low cost. From lì we have recorded the first piece that for joke I have entitled "Wanting To Machine"! It has given one hand to me also for "Falling", "Falling Deep" and "One Of Us" beyond having played the organ on the piece with J. Macis.

    I have then met Khan and Alexander Hacke that they have offered to me of pieces truly cool. I love the combination between all the songs and their diversity has allowed me to sing in various way in comparison to the past. Especially the material made with Khan has been a experience totally regenerating for me, in particular under the vocal profile.

    In your career you have always lend a large attention in the comparisons of the witnesses who you wrote. E’ be therefore also for the new disc?

    The recording of the new album is coincided with a difficult period of my life. I felt confused, I tried feelings contrasting in the comparisons of persons who before I loved and that pian slowly I was losing because, also not rendering of totally account me, I was changed. New experiences me have capacity to try to express old feelings and paranoias through the songs and the relati to you witnesses therefore to metabolizzare that who sopportavo of my past. It appealed to the idea to speak to me mainly about feelings and regarding fantasies years eighty, a period during which I have left the house of the my parents and have had many dramatic ones and exciting experiences. I have written lyric that dealt also of puts into effect them political situation after the eleven September, of Capitalism, the negatività of the human being. I have spoken of love and the pain, of confidence and sex, etc.

    In a generalized manner, according to you, because the musicians have therefore fear to assert their political ideals?

    When he speaks himself too much seriously risks itself to commit itself. They do not leave you to enter in the so-called "Top" if he does not adapt you rules to the iron of the entertainment. People cannot spool to you easy if you have a strong political message to propose. If you do not have nothing to say you they can easy carry to become what they want that you are, to force to you to being a idealizzata, silent fantasy and from the look gradevole, able of it appeal to ovunque. Me dispiace but I am not therefore!

    How never you have decided to dedicate "Drop Out" to the leader of the Joy Division, Ian Curtis?

    The Joy Division is one of the band that mine remembered me particularly 15 years, the age in which I abandoned house. Every thing was therefore extreme in that period and wanted to transmit a similar feeling through a homage to Ian Curtis, a person whom the possibility has not never had to go away from a deep depression, one be of mind that hits many young people and not only.

    That cos’ it is exactly the Fatal Manifest?

    You can have greater details connecting you to the situated one http://www.fatal-recordings.com . I have written my first manifesto in the ‘ 98 when they are rendered me account of how many inequalities existed between men and women to the inside of the musicbusiness!
    In that moment I have perceived the requirement to found the Fatal Recordings. To the beginning the Fatal made part of the DHR. Now is already a year that there are uniforms! I had left from the idea to create a platform for the women who dedicated themselves to music electronic. After little I have uncovered that also many men were frustrate from the fact of having to you to appear in one sure way for being accepted in society like of the true men. In many they have asked to me for being able to enter to make part of the Fatal therefore I have opened the label to anyone was felt in tune with our philosophy. This year we will realize others two album with ours label.

    Based on which your artistic requirement you have intentional to be involved J. Macis, a musician who to my opinion is enough distant from musical yours background?

    J. Mascis is an optimal chitarrista and I have always appreciated the Dinosaur Jr sin from anni’ the 90. I would describe my totally open and little intransigenti musical tastes like, enough that the energy is that right one. In years ‘ 90, to the age of the Atari Teenage Riot, we have played from the alive one with J Mascis. There is from adding that to J August. it will be married with Luisa, the sister of P. Virus! The world is just small….

    Your listenings are rifared alone music electronic?

    Not, not only, but they have grown in a period, years ‘ 80, in which this type of music it was much in voga and that has influenced to me not little. I love also the sound of the guitar, the metal, the punk of the ‘ 77, the ska of years ‘ 70 and ‘ 80, the soul, the new wave, the noise, the sonorous columns of films noir, the rockabilly, not wave, the digital hardcore, etc.
    We must consider sluice definitively the adventure with the AtariTeenage Riot?

    And who knows it?

    What of tasks of "Intelligence And Sacrifice", the last double album of Alec Empire?

    They said that species the first disc is not not bad.

    That opinion you have of puts into effect them German musical scene? Species in electronic field makes a large one to speak about the teutonici musicians…

    Yes to Berlin there is a flourishing by far better electronic panorama of the scene hip hop that some times much German music is indeed embarrassing… electronic is in the same way superficial and boring but at least offers more interesting cues…

    You are preparing some tour of support for the album? How will be composed your live band?

    I hope to return in Italy this autumn and with me there will be P. Virus that will mount from alive the some rare images and video that they will go in sincrono with music. Of the musical part C.H.I.F.F.R.E will be taken care that just in that period will finish also its album from solista. I, to the usual, will sing. I augur myself that much people come to see to us and remain satisfied of the show even if we will speak about politics!

    LucaMauro Assante



    ok … i found it out myself now …

    also realized he took the inside pics on more light …




    – born in 1971 in West-Berlin
    – since 1993 he works as a photographer with published photos and art-works on record covers (ATR, Alec Empire, Dinosaur Jr. etc for D.H.R., Reprise, Island) and international music magazines
    – his music videos and short movies which he directed and filmed appear in tv-channels and film festivals all over the

    – Exhibitions:-` X`94 – Fotopolis`(group-exhibition), Akademie der Künste Berlin with plastic-camera photography and videoInstallations
    – Photocollages of Gerald Uhlig and Philipp Reichenheim Gallery Loulou Lazard, Berlin with digital photos (1995)
    – NEXT VIRUS:THE SAMPLED CIVILIZATION (independent group exhibition) with digital animated photos and videos (1996) Berlin
    – The Virus has been spread -Thread-Waxing Space, New York, January 2000 with Digital photography, video-
    installations, Vj-sets
    – Z 2000 – The Global Ghetto – (photo/video exhibition) Akademie der Kuenste/ Berlin-feat. Philipp Virus, Ian Kerkhof, The Force Quit Resolution, Chris Cunningham, Miron Zownir, Nic Endo, Mathias Sander July -August 2000 curated by P.Virus
    – Hedges – Auction at Pussy Galore, Berlin, Dec. 2000
    – 2001 -Reality – at Pussy Galore, Berlin, Jan. 2001

    – Appearance in books with art works:
    – X`94-project catalogue (1994)
    – Surreality-Localizer 1.2 – Gestalten Verlag Berlin (1997)
    – Icons – Gestalten Verlag Berlin (1998)
    – Z 2000 – GLOBAL GHETTO catalogue

    Philipp Virus Videography 1994 – 2003

    DHR-Video Compilation

    They came in peace – and they found a war they couldn’t win.
    This video features all Digital Hardcore Videos and the exclusive footage of ATARI TEENAGE RIOT’s arrest after their show on the May 1st riots in Berlin in 1999.
    Most of these videos have never shown in public before. Banned on MTV, censored by most media and hated by the mainstream. The true underground propaganda which fights against conformity and apathy. The music videos that inspired so many amongst us, the messages that changed our lives. This is no hollywoodesque tranquilizer !
    A vision, one vision ! An encouragement for change and action. As in their music these artists work on all levels. From high quality 35 surrealism to lo-fi reality TV trash, digital animations, Vj’ing and the fastest cuts.
    The VIRUS has been spread ….

    No., Track, Band, Director, duration, year
    01. Revolution Action – Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, P.Virus, 4.05 min,1999
    02. Destroy 2000 Years of culture, Atari Teenage Riot, P.Virus, 3.49 min,1997
    03 .Berlin May 1 st, Atari Teenage Riot, VIRUS, Dave Harris, Thomas E-don, 2.25 min,1999
    04. Deutschland has gotta die ! Atari Teenage Riot, P.Virus, 3 min, 1998
    05. Too dead for me ! Atari Teenage Riot, John Hillcoat, 3.44 min, 2000
    06. You ain’t nothing – Alec Empire vs. Elvis Presley, P.Virus, fake elvis filmed by Dave Harris
    07. Cook, DJ Mowgly, P.Virus, 3.34 min, 1994
    08. Sweat, Shizuo, P.Virus, 2.18 min,1997
    09. Cocaine Ducks, EC8OR, P.Virus, 2.41 min,1995
    10 .Sick to Death, Atari Teenage Riot, P.Virus, 3.41 min,1997
    11. New Kick, Shizuo, P.Virus, 2.21 min,1997
    12. RED HOT RIDING HOOD, Lolita Storm, 5.45 min, 2000
    13. In flames, Hanin Elias, Mediakill, 3.27 min, 2000
    14 Low on ice – Alec Empire, P.Virus, 4.43 min, 1995
    15. Revolution Action, Atari Teenage Riot, Andrea Giacobbe, 4.44 min, 2000
    16. Heatwave, Atari Teenage Riot, P.Virus, 2.41 min, 1998
    17. WHITE HEAT, Nic Endo, P.Virus, 3.24 min, 2000
    18. Speed, Atari Teenage Riot, P.Virus ,2.48 min, 1993
    19. Attack, Jon Spencer Blues Xplosion &Alec Empire, P.Virus, 2.49 min, 2000
    20. Slaves, Hanin Elias, P.Virus, 3.18 min, 2000
    21. Kids are united, Atari Teenage Riot, P.Virus, 3.42 min,1995
    22. The Report, Philipp Virus, 7.13 min,1996
    23. Redefine the enemy, Atari Teenage Riot, P.Virus, 3.56 min,1998
    24. Under Pressure, Hanin Elias, P.Virus, 3.28 min, 2000
    25. Atari Teenage Riot, Atari Teenage Riot, P.Virus, 3.08 min, 1997
    26. We all die, Alec Empire, P.Virus, 3.36 min, 1994
    27. Tie me to the wall, Hanin Elias, P.Virus, 3.24 min, 1996
    28. Future of war, Atari Teenage Riot, P.Virus, 3.41 min, 1998
    29. Civilisation Virus, Philipp Virus, 11.52 min, 1993
    30. Man-Eater, Nic Endo, Thomas E-don, 4.31 min, 2000
    31. We Punkeinheit, Nintendo Teenage Robots, P.Virus, 2.43 min, 1999

    New Bonus Videos
    32. Rage – Atari Teenage Riot feat.Tom Morello, Philipp Virus, 4 min., 2001
    33. The fight goes on-Hanin Elias, P.Virus, 3.50 min, 2001

    Other Music Videos and Projects
    34."Rico`s helly"-The Two Lone Swordsmen (1996)
    35."I`m insane"-Dinosaur Jr. (1997)
    36."Motion sickness"-Panacea (1998)
    37."Allein gegen alle" -Terrorgruppe- (1999)
    38."7 death sins of Dr. Faustus"-
    39. "The curse of the golden vampire",A.EMPIRE,TECHNOANIMAL,4MIN.,2000
    40."Where’d you go"-J MAscis & The Fog (2000)
    41."Rage"-Atari Teenage Riot feat.Tom Morello,Philipp Virus,4 min.,2001
    42."The fight goes on"-Hanin Elias,P.Virus,3.50 min,2001 for
    FEATURE Film "Star Buck" about Red Army Fraction Terrorist Holger Meins
    43."Gruppe M >>>>>>>Phantoms",Virus & Mario Mentrup(2002),10 min.,short-movie
    45."ONE OF US "-HANIN ELIAS-4 MIN ,NOV.2002

    Video Mixes by Philipp Virus
    01. Sonic Genetics, Virus-Infektion, Philipp Virus, 17 min, 2001
    02. Digital Hardcore Video-Mix, Philipp Virus, 50 min., 2000
    03. Your UNIFOrm does not impress me – Video Re-mix -Virus, 10 min., Dec 2001 (The begin of War)
    04. New World order Mix -Virus & his Archestra live in Film Fest Rotterdam 2002

    2 hours Music Videos
    001> Rage-Atari Teenage Riot feat.Tom Morello, Philipp Virus, 4 min., 2001
    002> The fight goes on – Hanin Elias, P.Virus, 3.50 min, 2001 for Gerd Conradt’s Film "Star Buck" about Red Army Fraction Terrorist

    Full feature :
    -"BRUNO S.-ESTRANGEMENT IS DEATH"-director:Miron Zownir,

    Releases on DVD or Video:
    -"DHR-Video Compilation",2hrs.
    -"Alec Empire live DVD ,"Death favours the enemy" (2002),26 min.

    TV Documentaries about P.Virus (+OTHER EUROPEAN VIDEO ARTISTS):
    VJ-GROOVE VOL.1,D,60 MIN.2000
    VJ-GROOVE VOL.2,D,40 MIN.,2002

    Film-Festival List 1994-2001
    – Civilisation Virus-1994 Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg
    – Digital Hardcore Virus Videos-Indie-cinema Japan tour-Tokyo, Osaka 1999
    – Digital Hardcore Videos-London Raindance Festival 1999
    – Digital Hardcore Videos-New York Underground Film Festival 2000
    – Digital Hardcore Videos-Videoex Festival Zurich 2000
    – "You ain’t nothing" – A.Empire vs. E.Presley – European Media Art Fest Osnabruck 2000
    – "You ain’t nothing" – A.Empire vs. E.Presley-Monter Sampler Paris 2000
    – "You ain’t nothing" – A.Empire vs. E.Presley-Culture Jamming Fest Toronto 2000
    – "Civilisation Virus" – L.A. Independent film Festival 2000
    – Digital Hardcore Videos-Global Ghetto Berlin 2000
    – Digital Hardcore Videos-Exground Film Festival Wiesbaden 2000
    – Digital Hardcore Videos-Viennale 2000
    – Digital Hardcore Videos-San Francisco Independent Film Festival 2001
    – Digital Hardcore Videos-Chicago Underground Film Festival 2001
    – Sonic Genetics -"Virus-Infektion"-Rotterdam Internationall Film Festival 2001
    – Sonic Genetics – Tarpei film Festival, China 2001
    – Sonic Genetics -"Virus-Infektion"-New York Underground Film Festival 2001
    – Sonic Genetics -"Virus-Infektion"-European Media Art Fest Osnabruck 2001
    – "Rage","Attack","The Report"-European Media Art Fest Osnabruck 2001
    – Digital Hardcore Videos-Jeonju International Film Festival (Korea) 2001
    – Sonic Genetics -"Virus-Infektion"-Chicago Underground Film Festival 2001
    – "You ain’t nothing" – A.Empire vs. E.Presley-Oberhausen Kurzfilm Festival 2001
    – Sonic Genetics -"Virus-Infektion"-Holland Festival 2001
    – Virus Video Mixes & Digital Hardcore Videos-Biennale of moving Pictures, Geneve, 2001
    – "New World order Re-mix" – NY Underground Film Fest 2002

    Virus Live Video-Mix shows

    The early raw sessions:

    – 1995 with Alec Empire-Volksbuehne/Berlin
    – 1996 with Alec Empire-Vienna,+Ken-Ishi
    – 1997 with Atari Teenage Riot -Liquid Room Tokyo
    – 1997 with Alec Empire,Techno Animal & DJ Spooky Volksbuehne Berlin
    – 1998 with Alec Empire – Meljkweg /Amsterdam
    – 2000 Digital Harcore Night – SO 36/1 st of May, Berlin

    The concentrated Live-Attack

    – Philipp Virus & Die Axt live at the Thread Waxing Space, "The Virus has been spread", New York 2000
    – Philipp Virus & Nimra Lethe Live, Rotterdam Film Festival, 2000
    – DJ/VJ Battle: Alec Empire & Philipp Virus vs. DJ Spooky & Art Jones
    European Media Art Fest Osnabruck May 2000
    – VEEJAY Groove
    – Alec Empire vs.Philipp Virus live at German VIVA 2 -TV
    – "Sonic Genetics" LIVE ,feat. Merzbow, Ian Kerkhof, Tomoko Mukaiyama, Frank Scheffer & Philipp Virus
    Rotterdam Film Festival 2001
    – Philipp Virus Live & Alive at the Chicago Underground Digital Hardcore Video Retrospective, Chicago
    Charybis Multi Arts, 2001
    – "Sonic Genetics" LIVE feat. Merzbow, Ian Kerkhof, Tomoko Mukaiyama, Frank Scheffer & Philipp Virus
    Paradiso-Holland Festival 2001
    – Digital Hardcore Video Mix-Jeonju International Film Festival (Korea) 2001
    – Philipp Virus LIVE with Adrian Sherwood (On U Sound), Maria, Berlin 2001
    – Philipp Virus Live "Phantom’$ mix" – Leipzig Dok.Festival , 2001
    – Philipp Virus Live "New world order mixes"- Electric Dragon Tour (Germany) 2001
    – Philipp Virus & his Arche$tra – live Rotterdam Film Festival 2002 (NL)


    Philipp Virus Music Video for Alec Empire vs. Elvis Presley "You ain’t nothing" is taken into the official archive of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
    Amongst other videos from the mid-eighties till now (feat. directors Spike Lee, Chris Cunningham, Spike Jonze, etc.).
    1. May 2003

    "To say that Philipp Virus simply ‘makes music videos’ is like saying that Charles Manson ‘had a magnetic personality’. Virus has such an advanced ability to engage his audiences with hypnotic, controlling fervor that it’s kinda scary he’s German. Lucky for Western civilization, he’s fully anti-authority, a pure proponent of eternal artistic revolution."

    – Ed Halter, NY Underground Film Festival

    The Chicago Underground Film Festival and Charybdis Multi-Arts Complex will join forces on Saturday, March 17 to present "THE VIRUS HAS BEEN SPREAD" the first Midwest retrospective of Digital Hardcore videos by German DJ and video artist Philipp Virus. In addition to screening his videos, Virus will also perform a DJ / VJ set making the evening an all-out multimedia blitzkrieg.
    Virus, a digital filmmaker from Berlin, has been working with Alec Empire and the Digital Hardcore Records bands for seven years. Taking advantage of the newest digital video and computer technology to produce his videos, Virus’ work is influenced by turntable scratching and collage as he mixes and warps] his images into both relentless pixel-driven assaults and soft electro-atmospheric visual environments, like an uncontrollable mood engine set to bipolar.

    Among the artists with whom Virus has collaborated are Atari Teenage Riot, Alec Empire, Shizuo, DJ Mowgly, EC8OR, Hanin Elias, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and Nintendo Teenage Robots. This program features all Digital Hardcore Videos as well as exclusive footage of ATARI TEENAGE RIOT’s arrest after their show during the May 1 riots in Berlin in 1999.

    Virus will also present his two short films: "Civilization Virus", about two primordial men encountering modern civilization, and "The Report", about a girl who finds out that her life has been programmed and all her emotions are artificially created. "

    – Chicago Underground Film Festival 2000



    Cool find, thanks for posting that!

    I’ve seen the videos tons of times but didn’t know P Virus did them as well…:mrgreen:

    40."Where’d you go"-J MAscis & The Fog (2000)




    hey, here’s another website on phillip virus … it says he made the video for i’m insane as well …


    p h i l i p p v i r u s

    since 1993 he works as a photographer with published photos and art-works on record covers (atr, alec empire, dinosaur jr., etc. for d.h.r., reprise, island) and music magazines (rolling stone, raygun, nme).
    his music videos and short movies which he directed and filmed appear in tv-channels all over the world (mtv, arte, bbc, canal plus, channel 4).

    1971 born in west-berlin
    1993-1999 digital hardcore virus videos
    1993-2000 philipp virus: music-videos and short movies
    since 1995 vj `ing
    1999 digital hardcore virus videos independent Japanese cinemas
    tour in tokyo and osaka through stance company (akihiro suzuki)
    1999 digital hardcore virus videos at london raindance festival
    2000 philipp virus – digital hardcore retrospective at the new york underground film festival 2000
    civilisation virus – l.a. independent film festival 2000
    philipp virus – digital hardcore retrospective at "viennale 2000"

    x` 94 – fotopolis (group-exhibition) with plastic-camera photography and video installation, akademie der künste, berlin
    1995 photocollages of gerald uhlig and philipp reichenheim, with digital photos, gallery loulou lazard, berlin
    1996 next virus: the samples civilization (independent group exhibition) with digital
    animated photos and videos, berlin
    2000 the virus has been spread – thread-waxing space, new york city
    with digital photography, video-installations, vj-sets

    z2000 – the global ghetto – (photo/ video exhibition) akademie der künste, berlin – feat. philipp virus, ian kerkhof, the force quit resolution, chris cunningham, miron zownir, nic endo, mathias sander, curated by p.virus

    appearance in books with art works
    1994 x` 94-project catalogue, berlin
    1997 surreality-localizer 1.2, gestalten verlag berlin
    1998 icons, gestalten verlag berlin
    2000 z2000 – global ghetto, catalogue, berlin

    vj – sets
    supported dj – sets and live acts of alec empire in berlin (volksbühne),
    tokyo, japan (liquid room), berlin (akademie der künste), amsterdam,
    niederlande (meljkweg), rotterdam, niederlande, (film festival), etc. …
    "veejay groove" – dj / vj – battle alec empire & philipp virus versus dj
    spooky & art jones may 2000 – european media – art festival, osnabrueck

    other video projects
    1996 rico`s helly, the two lone swordsmen
    1997 i`m insane, dinosaur jr.
    1998 motion sickness, panacea
    1999 allein gegen alle, terrorgruppe
    2000 7 death sins of dr. faustus, music from"the curse of the golden vampire", by alec empire & technoanimal



    cool, I didn’t know what Luisa’s brother is doing. I just remember that J, Watt and George went to his house near Berlin when the Fog was on tour in 2000:

    then it’s a drive out to the ‘burbs for philip’s pad and the party.

    we’re the first ones there and guess what the tabel’s full of? chow! damn, the shovelling never ends. I borrow a ramrod to get more in the gullet. seriously, it’s been a fucking force-feed since we’ve hit the continent. got to regain control. I can’t understand it really cuz mostly I’m too nervous to eat a bunch on tour. anyway, a sack of ‘paprika’ potato chips later and a bunch of gerkins later, a dj is blasting a load of 70s funk from some setup. it’s loud. it’s nothing compared to when philip takes command of it a blasts the wipers at hyper-volume. I’m sitting in the room where it’s emanating and I’m blasted against the wall on a little bench. wow, is it loud. he’s jamming many kinds of music now, really loud – a lot of them are mp3 files from a powerbook. never seen party music this way. the modern age. the folks here are friendly and we have a nice time. thank you philip and romi. I don’t really talk to many people, the music is so loud, I’m mainly into trying to absorb that. all of other team is in another room talking on couches but I’m a little too shy for that. it gets after two and we pile in the van and head back to our hotel in berlin. bye hermsdorf. it’s almost an hour to drive back and everyone’s snoring like champs and looking like flytraps w/the mouths hanging open and the heads tilted back. pretty funny. only a slight number of moves are required to change the body positions and the konking resumes in the ho rooms. guten nacht.

    taken from Watt’s tour diary :)



    hey flying could …

    yeah + further to that i just realized that phillip virus (who also took the inside cover pics for more light) is really phillip reichenheim …


    and as you can see from that topic phillip reichenheim took the cover pics for hand it over and martin + me … :idea: :D

    and he was also supposedly in a band w/j called ‘zeit’ …

    so it’s funny how all these things are connected …

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