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    DINOSAUR JR (Blanco Y Negro)

    A return to form for J Mascis & Co after a few years on the musical sidelines. Hand It Over is the logical follow-up to the breakthrough Where You Been. There’s plenty of angst ridden lyrics driven by the roar of Mascis’ feedback-drenched guitar along with a few musical tricks he picked up while fiddling around with his new mellotron. "I Don’t Think" opens the set with a big riff and a sweet melody sung in Mascis’ characteristic hang-dog, half-strangled voice. While his vocal style is getting a bit tired, there’s nothing laconic about his guitar playing. Check out the glorious solo in "Never Bought It" and the workout he gives his amp in "Alone," the eight minute centrepiece of the album. I have a few quibbles, the piccolo trumpet on "I’m Insane" seems out of place, the drum sound is a bit muddy overall and Mascis would do well to find someone to collaborate with production-wise to better serve his songs. Otherwise, a fine collection of powerful, melodic tracks. (7)

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