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    Ummmmm. GO DOWNLOAD THIS NOW! Sounds like a few early walkthroughs of YLAOM Tracks
    WOW. I can’t believe it sounds as good as it does from a walkman!


    From the notes:

    Dinosaur Jr
    Hampshire College Dorm
    Amherst, Ma

    circa 1985 red walkman(built-in mic)>cassette master>Maxell XLII cassette>aiff>Amadeus(split tracks on sector boundaries)>xACT>flac level 6 > files renamed and Id3 added for freesofree.net.

    01. /Intro Jam (cut)
    02. Kracked
    03. "noodling"
    04. Raisans
    05. The Lung
    06. In A Jar
    07. Severed Lips
    08. Does It Float
    09. Lose
    10. Mountain Man
    11. I Don’t Live Today(Jimi Hendrix)*
    12. Outro Jam/ (cut)

    *Guest Vocals by Sean Clark(?)


    Band played in the common area of a suite of bedrooms in a dorm at Hampshire College. My friend Andy had a new Walkman and wanted to test it out. First few minutes weren’t recorded because Andy was waiting for the "show" to start. Last few minutes weren’t recorded because tape ran out and Andy was saving the other side of the tape for another band he was seeing later that week! They jammed for another 5 or 10 more minutes after he stopped recording.
    I made my copy the next day. I can’t recall the equipment used, but I’m sure it was crappy. Dolby B was also used… This transfer was made on another crappy tape deck with Dolby off as it sounded better that way. Despite all of this and the fact that I could barely get the tape to play, the recording and transfer came out fairly well. I think it is one of the better sounding recordings I’ve heard from this era of Dinosaur Jr. Enjoy.

    Transferred June 5, 2009

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