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    OK, so we’re approaching that oh-so-fun holiday again… Only, I’m having trouble thinkin’ up a good costume idea, so I’m enlisting the help of you zany folks here at the ‘scene.

    Help out your favorite Mattman, post your ideas for costumes here. Don’t hold back now. Nothing is too big a project to at least be suggested. Or, just post some crazy stuff you’ve done/seen in the past. Let’s have some fun, and give me some ideas. <img>

    Got any spooky stories? Put those here too… This thread is now officially Halloween central! <img>

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    Beetlejuice is always a fav of mine. Easy diy kinda deal, get a cheap white deal paint some black stripes, the hat could be fun to make all those hanging monsters <img>

    Allison <img> <img>



    porno guy- a gaudy short bathrobe, afro(optional), a cheesy mustache and a cigar, no wait ya got those already… looks like you are all set.
    pm waitin’ for ya too…

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    Heh, that stache and cigar belong to Mike Watt! Oh well, I’ve put up my Halloween avatar now, so that’s that. <img>

    Hey, T-man, you wouldn’t be responsible for This nonsense, would you. <img>

    So, that’s 3 suggestions so far… but I won’t start taking them seriously until a have like 9 or 10, so get to it! (OK, I’m kidding, I’ll take them all seriously. I’m just trying to motivate you all.) <img>



    i will be in new york for halloween to go to the ipecac show and i will wear a red vynil tight devil outfit…
    but if i was a man i would be beetle juice for sure too <img>



    mattman ya know i thought you looked a lot like watt, duh…
    anyway so then ya just take an eyebrow pencil and grease on a big village people ‘stache, clothing under the robe is fully optional too depends on who you are trick or treatin’. oh and do not forget a big gold medallion (steal it outta mum’s jewelry box, looks sooo good with the gnarley chest hair).
    by the by, hey i checked out yer website it kicks arse, especially the robots and heroes…
    eh, *sophie* be careful out there in ze big bad city zeeez french devils zey are a collector’s item and highly valuable and zey look zo good in ze cage, oui?

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    How come no one tries the GG Allin costume? Why why why?

    Seriously(?) I like a samurai with Kabuki makeup. Tried it one year, but ended up a long-hair ronin since I couldn’t get a good topknot wig.

    Along the same lines, there is Genghis Khan or any Mongol Raider, A Border Patrol agent from south o’ the border, or Manute Bol.



    Dress up in red and white and say you`re one of the White Stripes <img>



    Wear Shorts, sunglasses, and a trenchcoat, be an exhibitionist.



    BTW, How does one make their own avatar? Do you have to be in the pantheon or what?


    K7 Rides Again

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by Salami:
    <strong>Dress up in red and white and say you`re one of the White Stripes <img> </strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>Funny u should say that salami…my buddy and his wife are going to see the white stripes and he’s planning on wearing some outlandishly loud white pants w/ open chested red shirt <img>

    Hey Mattman, just go as yourself, that should scare the hell out of everyone <img> <img> <img>



    Pull yer pockets outta yer trousers, undo your zipper (commando of course) pull out the old chap and go as a scary elephant.



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by kurticus7:

    Hey Mattman, just go as yourself, that should scare the hell out of everyone <img> <img> <img> </strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>Bastard. Steal my joke will you? :grr:



    OK, let’s see…

    Tonyguy: Were you asking if I can draw, or if Malcom can draw me?

    Kurticus: You’re a funny guy, don’t make me ban you! (just kidding… maybe.) <img>

    Javro: I don’t get it… <img> <img>

    Malcom: Who’d know the difference? <img>

    Jaron: Ya snoozes, ya loses… <img>



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by Mattman:

    Jaron: Ya snoozes, ya loses… <img> </strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>I called dibs on all Mattman related jokes over a year ago… and Kurticus knows it!!!1

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