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    Just wanted to let ya know which guitars J was using at the Carrboro Show in NC. I think
    he will be using these on the tour, I saw 4 guitars he had at the show.

    ’62 blue/tortoise pickguard
    ’65 lake placid blue/white pickguard
    ’59 blue/gold-anodized pickguard

    these guitar are all fender jazzmaster,the forth one is a jazzmaster also but i dont know the year

    just a little info J first guitar was a
    ’65 fender jazzmaster (sunburst)

    also a little bit more info J says
    "I only use Fender guitars on stage.
    That’s what i started with. Plus I never like to play leads on Gibsons. They’re too easy to play, and you can only get one cool sound out of them."

    that came out of a guitar maz.

    take care

    chris smith

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