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    It was a Great Concert last Night
    Loud but not as loud as I expected
    But it was very short, almost 1 hour

    Some of the songs he played:
    Repulsion, Ammaring, Same Day, Maggot Brain, FreakScene, Where’d U Go, Waistin’, TV Eye
    Ammaring was so great, Great Solo
    I really enjoyed my first J Mascis Concert

    Whipster was great too, I liked it very much




    Hey Not2Amused, glad you liked Whipster too! I had a fantastic evening, playing before such heroes as Mascis and Watt. What a wall of amplifiers he had, wow, and what a sound! He played a lot of old songs, especially because he liked the place (Vera) and upstairs in the dressing room still hangs a list of favorites from ’87, the first time he played there! We have to collect our stuff now, one of the things that have to be done after a show, 🙁 Thinking back, it was a night to remember. [img]images/smiles/converted/cool.gif[/img]



    Got the complete setlist right here:

    Severed Lips
    Not Fine
    I’ve had it
    Back B4
    Tv Eye

    Maggot Brain

    Yesterday was an absolutely amazing show.
    J was playing so much better than in Amsterdam. They really played like a band and Mike was going like a rocket. He was smoking cigars non stop, but jumping and playing so fast, that at one point the spit was hanging from his cigar. I noticed a few people taking pictures and it would be great if anyone took one of this.

    Severed lips, Raisins and Ammaring were my favourites. I was right upfront and I could see J’s setlist from where I was standing. And at the encore it said: Wagon and Freakscene but they started it with Maggot Brain. A total surprise! Maggot Brain was easily the best song, because J was at his top there. He seems more relaxed playing guitar when he doesn’t have to sing. Because I also noticed he seems happier when Mike’s singing.
    At the end I got J’s setlist and a plectrum.

    I also got to meet Mike after the show, and that was a very weird experience. When I made a few compliments about the show he thanked me by huging me and bowing for me like I was some sorta prince.
    After that he left and I couldn’t ask him more questions.

    Whipster I don’t think you noticed, but at some point while you were playing George came out and watched one or two songs. He seemed to like it.
    I thought you were great, the way you can set the mood of a song is really good. Your drumplayer is also good.
    I thought your music sounds a bit like a Sonic youth.

    Also I agree the concert wasn’t too loud.




    Hey Samwise,

    Did j play Severed Lips accusitc?

    I’ve seen him play that song once… oh to amazing. Wow I believe I would have had spit hanging from my jaw during this show. Too cool…


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