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    Guten Tag.

    I’ve been registered here since last April but I suppose I should be polite and introduce mahself formally.

    I’m Tom, and I live in Chicago (duh!). I got into Dinosaur / Sebadoh back in my last couple years of college (ca. ’90-91), I think. Yeah, that’s about right. Round about 1993, I saw Sebadoh play at Lounge Ax in Chicago and certain things that went on during that show caused me to email Kath, whom I had recognized from the old chugchanga-L listserv days (does anyone here remember that ??) and as years went by, Kath & I (and Lou) got to be pretty good friends. To this day, they are my only real indie rock cred :) These last months w/ the Dino reunion have been fun, especially getting to know guys like Murph, Kyle & Kevin after me showing up like a bad penny at the first Spaceland show, Milwaukee, Lollapalooza, London Koko, both Chicago shows again and then in NYC a couple weeks ago. But, I still have a hard time stammering my words out to J, even after meeting him 5 or 6 times ;) Maybe someday he’ll honor my request to play "The Leper" ! And since I sometimes take up the mantle of Lou & Kath’s online watchdog for All Things Untrue and Exaggerated, feel free to ask me any questions (with reason) and I’ll try to answer them or drag the info out of Kath or Lou.

    In real life I’m a computer database administrator and live in the Wicker Park area of Chicago, where I’ve been for the last 9+ years. I fancy myself a photographer as well and have been lucky enough to shoot in places like New Zealand, Nepal & the Galapagos Islands in the last few years. I’ve posted Dino pics here in the past but have a look at the rest of my stuff at






    Hey welcome even if you`ve been here awhile ;)

    Lou and Kath came here in Sept `93.I unfortunately missed seeing Lou play but heard him and Kath guesting on a radio show on the local college station.He played a couple of tunes(2 Years And 2 Days and Homemade)and did a 7 inch giveaway of a Sentridoh ep.It was a weird night with a couple of guys on the phone claimed to be riding around town in a limo asking Lou questions.It was fun though,they requested some songs(Kath wanted to hear some Bikini Kill,Lou some King Kong,Pain Teens,and Palace Bros).I used to have it recorded but lost it over the years.



    Always nice to have new "faces" around. It’s also cool to have people on here that might have the inside track on things concerning the band. Welcome to the Freak Scene!

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