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    For those of you interested in the cover photo, here is some info from the photographer, Joe Szabo

    [clipped from email]
    Thanks for your email and compliments on the photo of "Priscilla"!

    I’m not sure where you can get the t-shirt, but one of my students bought one for me in the Village years ago. I’m not sure where.

    The girl in the photo is a mystery and will ever remain so. One day as I was photographing at Jones Beach I saw "Priscilla" in front of me and my immediate reaction was to make a photo(s) before the moment changed. I
    took a few photos, looked down to rewind the film, and put in another roll.
    When I looked up she was gone! …but I had the photo and it is my most sought after image.

    I hope this helps. I know it is not much but that’s what happened.

    Best wishes, Joe

    [/end clip]

    Joe Szabo Homepage
    and there is the green mind pic ("Priscilla"):

    * big thanks to Jay D. ( <A>[email protected]</A> ) for the info!



    thats pretty mad to think that that was a spontaneous shot. i thought it was a cool picture that was planned and all that. that girl is probably under 10 and has a smoke in her mouth.. thats pretty krazy. anyways. thanks for that info jeremiah.



    Damn!! I always thought it was J’s ‘love child’!!!!
    Dig the hair



    Yeah, that’s pretty darned funny. The girl couldn’t sue the photographer for illegal usage of photo since she’d be admitting to underage smoking… LOL. [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]



    first time I saw that picture, I thought it was young J [img]images/smiles/converted/rolleyes.gif[/img]



    The attitude of that girl gets to me everytime I see the picture. You can see by the look on her face that she won’t be taking shit from anyone.



    I remember that photo made me listen to the album because I loved the photo so much and the green sloppy writing overtop of the black and white photo was so "punk rock" to me. I worked at a record store and stole the poster after we took down the display. I wish I still had the poster. Now that I’m older and I have more taste, I’d actually mat it and frame it. I had it tacked and hanging by masking tape way back when so it was ruined when I took it down. [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]



    i own the green mind t shirt, however i got gum on it so its retired. oh well.
    i have seen it in numerous other record stores in massachusetts as recently as 2 years ago.


    The Dude

    i was watching some show about blink 182 on mtv (please don’t give me any flack about this, i feel bad enough about it as it is) and in some old "before they were famous" video footage, one of the members was wearing the green mind t-shirt. it really is too bad j didn’t have more of an influence on their music. man those guys blow.

    word, The Dude



    well you know.. blink 182 covered freakscene.. its an ok cover. it is blink 182 style but they are still covering dino jr. which is cool if anyone did it. you can download it from napster or one of those other programs.



    Blink 182 absolutely butcher Freak Scene. I got that off Napster too, it’s bloody rubbish…soz mate but you shouldn’t cover a song if you can’t do it justice…they use the wrong chords and the solo is dreadful.



    I don`t even want to hear blink cover freakscene,I`ll take your word on it Eggwater.
    I`m sick of blink,it`s all you hear about,the music biz takes a band and rams it down your throat for years,it`s stupid;there`s thousands of other bands that are alot better and will never get any attention,all we get is the same band talked about and talked about.



    holy shit this picture says a thosand things… but i dont think she is a teenager id put her at 10 most likely.. proabbly been living at the beach and her parents if y are probably passed out on heroin in the background..



    Which year was that photo taken? Girl with the cigarret.


    "Aatos" wrote:
    Which year was that photo taken? Girl with the cigarret.

    The book came out in 1978??? Definitely looks 70’s. 8)

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