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    Bucky Ramone


    8) 8) 8)



    Agh it’s gonna be such a great show. I’m jealous. I wanna see Lightning Bolt soooo bad.


    "Shoebox " wrote:
    Bevis Frond have now confirmed aswell. I know nothing about them/him.

    Hi! I’m new.

    Bevis Frond is basically Nick Salomon, a 50 something guitarist, singer/songwriter who has a lot in common with J. He is a superb guitarist, fond of long solos, he is pretty much a one man band, and he has a lot of hair. Unlike J he is very prolific, having brough out many many albums on his own label. A bit ‘difficult’ he managed to blow his chances at the big time when the chance came some years ago.

    I recommend the album Valedictory Songs which sort of documents this, with the song ‘can’t feel it’ about mixed emotions on a US tour ending in a blistering 5 minute guitar solo. I am a bit surprised that J has heard of Bevis Frond but the thought that J and Salomon might actually play on the same stage is something else indeed. To my mind they are equals in skill and would push each other to new heights.

    Salomon has his own internet radio show, where he plays interesting stuff from his massive album collection. Perhaps thats where J found him?

    Mind you, Camber bloody Sands? What a desolate hell hole. It used to be an Army gunnery range.



    John Dyson

    Does anyone know if they may be doing any other uk shows around the same time?


    Bucky Ramone


    added to the line-up! 8)



    from their management agency in UK – no london gigs till after the record’s been finished.

    off to brizzle then.

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