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    I just found this German Bio, don’t think I have seen it here b4…strange translation, nose=Bug…or something like that. Uncoolness <img> <img>


    It has the right link to the official J Mascis site though…cool <img>




    Hilarious translation. "1994 kickt Mascis also its Drummer Murph raus: "I can play not with such disinterested schlagzeuger", read its clear reason. "

    Schlagzeuger is my new insult for the week.


    Bucky Ramone

    Big fun, loved this "Surftipp":

    Freak Scene
    Official J.Mascis & The Fog side. Everything which one wants.

    <img> <img> <img>

    and could anyone please explain:

    creates J in the rural Massachusetts a crazily distorted sound of guitar with noise Solis and Neil lasting several minutes Young similar Nuschelgesang.

    <img> <img>

    By the way, if anyone is interested:

    The original german page

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    It really is too funny, love reading it though!!! My fav part is the His Majesty bit…gotta love that <img>

    Allison <img>



    All right, I translated the article for you. Its not a really perfect translation but I hope you get the meaning better than before. The article is not as negative as it seems at some points. The author is just very ironic and tries to be funny. Apart from that it’s just another Dino bio… <img>
    Here it is:

    Joseph Donald Mascis junior. A perfect name for an anti-rockstar. The not very cool abbreviation "J Mascis" doesn’t help the Dinosaur Jr leader much.

    Short comment: "Rock" is the German word for skirt, that’s the reason for "anti-skirt-star"
    "uncool": In Germany a very common expression for "not cool"

    That’s the name of guys who still ride by bike to High School with 16 while the Quarterbacks of the same age pick up the cheer leaders in the morning with their dad’s jeep.
    But uncoolness (even if it’s not intended) is damned important for a god of all the boring slackers, who still wish back the guitar rock of the early 90s, run around with faded Sonic Youth t-shirts and wear thick horn-rimmed glasses.
    Important for the fans, unimportant for his majesty. Mascis doesn’t care about his outward appearance. He wears absurd baseball caps from the handicraft market, likes to fall asleep for a moment at interviews, then he waits three minutes until he answers (usually limited to a short mumbled sentence) and likes to hide his face behind his fringy hair, that has turned gray in the meantime. In his spare time he likes to play gulf (see the video to "Feel The Pain") and he likes most to watch soap operas. Are there any hobbies, which are less Indie?
    Nothing against uncoolness. But instead of caring about school, Mascis (born on 10th December 1965) dedicates himself to music. He drums marvelous, plays piano (â€



    Hey Flying Cloud,

    Thanks tons for translating that to english, knew it had to make more sense than the google one lead me to believe <img>

    Allison <img>



    Many thanks, Flying Cloud! But when will the reviewers say anything new about Dinosaur Jr.? Every bio that I read says the same things! <img>

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