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    I want you all to activate a semi-circle formation around me and lean in slightly in anticipation of what I have to say.

    Since this year is almost over, I want us all to dig deep and say what it is we wish, hope and dream about for this new year.

    And everyone has to participate! If you don’t, I will be forced to come to your house and shave off your eyebrows in the night. And then insert something into your nasal cavity. Your freshly shaven eyebrows may be an option.

    My Dreams:
    Rekindle my love life. Or maybe just start one. :lol:
    Get a kickass tattoo to celebrate my upcoming 28 years on this planet
    Wear clear nail polish, perfume and even more fake mustaches
    Make that dreaded "L" word mean something again
    Teach my fish and turtle how to do step aerobics



    -See Girl on the cover of Gorilla Weekly
    -Bizzaro Robert becomes Norway`s president
    -Tonas produces the next Ace Frehley album
    -Tony changes his first name to Sunny



    – Take Monkey on a road trip.
    – Belly dance my way into a bikini in time for my Hawaii vacation.
    – Swim with sharks while in Hawaii.
    – Master the art of calligraphy. (I’ve only been trying to do this for 10 years now.)
    – Decide which school to enroll in next year. And maybe decide what to go back to school for…
    – Every year I swear I will focus on one Halloween costume and finish it before October 31st and I always end up with a last minute costume. Not this year!
    – And it is still my dream every year to star in an infomercial.



    This year I hope:

    1. The Dignitaries will record their debut album
    2. I will get a promotion at work
    3. I will get to see either KISS or Dinosaur jr again this year live



    My wishes for the new year….
    1) My children are safe and healthy.
    2) My husband stays safe and healthy.
    3) I stay safe and healthy..although my husband just took out an additional life insurance policy on me (I now have 2?)..so I sort of feel a little compelled now to sniff and poke at the smoothies he makes for me.
    4) I want to deepen my connection with God and to simplify my life….
    5) add additional bee hives to our stock….get some new bee gear (I bought my smoker at a garage sale, it’s like 40 years old, I got it for $5 bucks and burned the crap out of my index finger and thumb back in July, you get what you pay for…sometimes)
    6) Finish a king sized quilt I’m making for our bed to celebrate our 20th anniversary. The quilt has the fabric from the shirts my husband was wearing when our first two children were born…also contains the fabric from one of his favorite shirts that he wore all the time when we first met. All the fabric I cut…I’m going ahead and cutting additional pieces to make each of the kids a memory quilt to have. I plan to have ours finished this year…the kids will have to wait…but I don’t want to wait to long to get to them because…well (see line 3) :)
    7) Annoy the crap out of Chicago Fog just a little more than usual this year. :)



    Oh you guys :D …All your wishes sound lovely and I hope each and every single one of them comes true.

    And about this…

    "girl" wrote:
    Wear…even more fake mustaches

    For my birthday I got these awesome stick on staches. From 3 different people! So now my magnets, books and my bathroom mirror are all decked out with magnificent, masculine mustaches. :lol:
    The one on the bathroom mirror is awesome because it is down low enough to not block my view when I need to see myself but in the perfect spot to look like I have a stache when I bend down to rinse my mouth when I brush my teeth. And when I get out of the shower and stand in front of the mirror, it looks like my bellybutton is a little mouth and my breastages are the eyes. :lol:

    Oh how I hope I still amuse this easily all throughout this new year.



    Happy belated birthday!I did`nt know what day it was so I did`nt make a thread :(

    I `d dedicate Sad Mustache Men by Butterglory if it was on Youtube but She`s Got The Akshun is!


    Girl-She`s Got The Akshun! :D


    "essgee09" wrote:
    Happy belated birthday!I did`nt know what day it was so I did`nt make a thread :(

    No worries, SG! Your dedicated video(which is awesome) was like getting twelfty banana related presents.

    The gorilla in me approves. :mrgreen:

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