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    Hey all,

    This is mostly for guitar players, but since it is recent news I thought it was relevant. Tym Guitars has come out with a J Mascis Pedal that is an exact clone of his “Big Muff” Pedal. If you know anything about J’s gear you know he has a large collection of these (understatement) and this clone is the one he uses for live gigs. They’re all hand made with a production run of 300 and currently out of stock, so if you want one keep your eye out for it.




    I got one from the second batch that sold out in a minute last week. I believe I got “Water”, it is supposed to come this week. I can’t wait to play around with it. πŸ˜€



    AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!! This is so… frustrating to a pedal builder, like myself. I want to see the schematics and know why this one’s different. Yet, I am denied. πŸ™



    That is very cool Tonas. I was on the look out for one, but alas I just wasn’t at the right place at the right time. Please let us know when it comes in and give the details, like if in fact you got “Water”. Pics would be cool too. I haven’t seen what the T Shirt looks like so that should be interesting.



    It’s a pretty kick ass pedal… took me three tries to grab one. Here is a little demo I did of the pedal and a short interview with Tim of Tym’s Guitars




    I got what else is new, loving it



    Yup, now I want one….How much are they…more than $27. fid’y? I don’t have an electric guitar do you know if you can you plug other things into it besides a guitar?



    Honestly, I do really want one and I am kind of curious if you can plug anything else into it. If I get one….I’ll just put it on a shelf or something (because the little monster is cute) and if someone asks what it is…I’ll tell them it plays the songs “Freakscene” and “Feel the Pain” if you push the buttons in the right order…Does it come with directions?

    Ammaringnyc..you lucky!



    TONY…….. %-(

    You haven’t been sitting in the Sun enough man.

    J has more than one peddle?….HOW DOES HE DO IT?



    Oh, and I’m not getting one. Tony, I did find the price and I showed my husband and told him I wanted one and he laughed at me and said if I really wanted one he would make it for me…out of, Oh, I don’t know, stuff laying around. I could even CHOOSE the song I wanted on the bottom. It wouldn’t be exactly reversed engineered but I would not be able to tell the difference because I wouldn’t be using it anyway.

    After seeing the Meat Puppets the other day and now this cool fuzz thing….I wish I could learn to play the guitar but it’s just way more effort that I would ever want to put forth (or as Terence Mckenna would say….it’s not attracting me enough) but DAMN…..it’s so FREAKIN COOL!



    Hey Tony,That was a fun video to watch…..That was the spot I often would stand in to listen to Dinosaur Jr and Fog etc……and it wasn’t until I was older and went to a show with my guy that I really even noticed that I couldn’t hear the vocals that well and I told him “the most highly esteemed greatness”, who was standing next to me, (well I remember that I yelled in his ear)…”I don’t think J’s mic is working all that well”…and he was like…”Stef, you really are that stupid, huh?” and he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to the back of the room”….and I was like…”Oh, I see it’s working now!”

    Tony, don’t worry I’m sure most of the guys here would love to post something like…

    Hey Stefka…… ~X( %-(

    but I did just realize something this AM…It might not be your brain processing as much as it is a punctuation problem. I see sometimes that if I add a few words and some commas and such to your sentences that I can sort of see what you were trying to say.

    What about FuzzBoxGirl……I say…. =D> :X !

    “The most highly esteemed greatness” was not as impressed as I was….after I showed him her cool demo he said to me..”Why do I feel the need to make a doctors appointment..right away?” It must be, under the bravado, he has..never mind…he just loves to talk smack…I suppose I’m still charmed by it.



    This is my first post here, but just wanted to say that I have had this pedal for a few weeks now, and it is definitely the best muff I own. I have a few older and newer EHX and various botique muffs (no where near as many as J. of course), but this one definitely has a unique sound that the other ram head versions I’ve played simply don’t possess. I bought the pedal as a longtime fan, but I use the pedal as someone who loves great sounding muffs.

    BTW, I got ‘Blowing It’

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