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    Randy Jane

    Hey, for all of you amp duders out there, I know the bad things that come from using a fuse that is too high in amps, but……my fender amp needs a 1 Amp fuse. Since ive had the amp ive been playing it on about 4, and thats always loud enough, I took the fuse out….really for no reason at all, and it was a 5 Amp fuse. I switched it to the lowest I had (like a 1.4 Amp or something) and the tone and volume went down the drain. At the same time really, my 5U4 tube is in the yellow part (or as I call it, the "ehh" zone) on my tube tester, meaning its about to keel over. Could it be both of these, or the tube? I had to put it on around 9 or so and mic it the other day and it still wasnt loud enough……thats bad! I think my battery in my distortion pedal was bad too though, so that couldve been where the tone loss is from, but the volume isnt the battery. What is a 5U4? A rectifier, but….power? do I get my tone from that or what?




    over-amping will cause the tubes and speaker(s) to fry alot faster than the recommended aperage, but i’ve always used hugher amperage cause i like the………uhhhhhhhhh…. "crunch" it gave my amp. here’s a great source if you want more info. TUBE AMPS

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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