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    … more of the same ;) (sorry if the one or the other may have already been posted.)

    sdcitybeat.com :mrgreen:

    J Mascis: Free So Free
    If J Mascis’ new album sounds a lot like a collection of slow, lazy Nirvana tunes, it’s no coincidence-Cobain copped a feel on Dinosaur Jr from the get go. But whereas Dino was a lesson in quiet-to-loud aesthetics that cranked the volume knob, Mascis’ solo stuff has showcased the hushed slacker that he always was.
    Lyrically, Free So Free is the album J should have made after he canned his arch creative nemesis, Lou Barlow. Three song titles include the word “free,â€



    Thanks again FC 8)
    I don`t get the Neil Young comparison on J`s voice,maybe on guitar playing a little but voice?I don`t hear that :?



    me neither :roll:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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