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    An Interview With J Mascis Using Questions Posed to David Hasselhoff in a 1983 Edition of Dynamite Magazine (For the 80’s Kid)
    By John MacFarlane

    J Mascis is the founder of the now-defunct indie noise-rock band Dinosaur Jr.

    Good Magazine: How did you find out about Knight Rider?

    J Mascis: Knight Rider? I guess I saw it on TV.

    Good: What was your first reaction when you heard what Knight Rider was all about?

    Mascis: Mild amusement by the car talking. But not much of a reaction.

    Good: One of the most interesting things about the show is your relationship with the car, KITT. What’s it like talking to a car?

    Mascis: Talking to that car seems pretty cool. Like, at least it talks back.

    Good: Do you ever find yourself talking to your car like you talk to KITT?

    Mascis: No.

    Good: Now that you are the star of a hit TV show, do you get much time to relax?

    Mascis: Not really. Workin’ on Baywatch.

    Original Source – http://www.goodmagazine.com/archive/0101/mascis/


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