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    Hey guys, glad i could be of help…

    Wasn’t quite sure wether people would be genuinely interested or just think i was trying to show off….

    It’s a great album, i’ve been listening to it constantly on my headphones which doesn’t truly do it justice – like any j record it needs to be on the hi-fi played LOUD!

    Can’t wait to hear the live interpretations!



    hEY Ammaring

    Thank U so much for this review
    Cant wait to hear this one
    It sounds like a beautiful album



    Good work there, ammaring…..can’t wait to hear it myself. Still a bit of waiting to do though <img>


    expect nothing

    yeeeeeyy i cant pooost ive been trying to register for about 2 weeeks and ive wanted to say how good the new album sounds from the review and now i caan yeey <img> i cant waait just reading it made me all excited <img>



    just scored a copy. it rocks.

    favorite part of the whole album – everything after the ~2:40 mark of "Set us Free". It’s damn slick. That’s all I can say. It’s definitely where I’d always hoped J would go.

    I’m actually surprised at how much I liked the album version of "everybody lets me down". The acoustic version just doesn’t do it justice.

    There are too many nice parts to this album. I’ll quit with the sad fan-boy gushings now and go back to listening. It’s very worth it.

    The only thing that sucks about this whole deal is no Nashville show. Barf!



    Interesting that J said at that Dutch show that Tell The Truth is about 9/11 and what the perpetrators were claiming

    I dont think Ive ever heard/read of J explaining a song before




    I think the interview guy got all carried away after J explained the Tell The Truth deal, asked if J thought about promoting social change in his fans thru his songs… <img> J laughed and said he didn’t think about that <img>

    I’d like to hear that interview from Holland again, wicked show archived but not the interview <img>

    I loved the bits of that BBC interview I’ve heard so far, would love to hear the whole thing. Flying Cloud did a great summary but hearing J, well… <img>

    Allison <img>

    thought I should add this…. Archived Dutch show <img>

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    hey Sludge, good to know that you managed to record the BBC 6-interview <img> – and if you’d ever find the time to put it up somewhere, I’d really appreciate to listen to it again <img>

    of course it’s a difference between reading a summary of an interview and listening to the interview itself <img>
    It was the first time that I heard J in an interview and somehow it was thrilling <img> he sounded like he had a bit of a sore throat and he spoke slowly, but not at all as slow as one would assume after reading through all of the other interwiews, which are full of journalists’ complaints about the way he talks.



    sludgie i too missed that bbc6 interview but read the transcript so i am with flying cloud, i wouldn’t mind hearin’ it…



    hey sludge, thanks in advance <img>

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by supersized vanilla dairy sludge:
    <strong>Actually, Flying Cloud missed one part of the BBC interview, all 5 words of it! <img> </strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>seems, there are some more things to discover… <img>

    <small>[ 10-03-2002, 08:23 AM: Message edited by: Flying Cloud ]</small>



    hey, I’ve got the new J album for over 2 weeks now, after I could import it from Japan [img]http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/smilie/roundeyes.gif[/img]

    I really appreciate ammaring’s efforts in describing his first impressions so very detailed and precisely. So, thanks again, ammaring – now that I know what you’re talking about … <img>

    It will be released very soon and I’d love to hear some other impressions…

    I listened to the album over and over again and I still discover new aspects and highlights each time I listen to it. I couldn’t say which one of the songs is my favourite, but hey, it seems that it’s generally hard to specify a favourite among J’s songs [img][/img]

    In total, the album sounds tight and well produced with a good balance between rock songs, heavy guitars and beautiful ballads.
    The lyrics seem to be very very personal, but, on the other Hand, with J you never know… The Freedom topic is everywhere around, in a pleasant way & not at all officious <img>

    There are "typical rock songs" and wonderful guitar solos, but it’s the slow songs which grab my ear at the moment…

    I tried to sum up my own impressions of the songs – just wanna share the thoughts…

    – "Freedom" got my full attention after I listened to it several times in a row. Maybe the unusual beat at the start distracted me somehow, but it’s a fine song, now that I’m more into it… I like the subtle tempo changes very much <img>

    – "That’s How Its Gotta Be" is a beautiful, quiet, mellow song that sneaks into the ears and reveals its beauty slowly, but when the refrain returns the last time with heavy drums and guitars – that’s definitely one of those ‘Magic Moments’ which are discussed in the Open topic forum …

    – "Set Us Free" is a mid-tempo rock song with a long, amazing & bright guitar solo (I definitely wouldn’t call the song an album filler <img> )

    – "Bobbin’ " is a straight rock song with a catchy tune and fine guitar work

    – I almost ‘overlooked’ the song "Free so Free" when I listened to the record the first times, but it’s catchy in it’s own way, und it definitely entered my mind now.
    Seems, it always takes its time until I make friends with those songs when J sings in his higher voice, but in the end I like these songs the most (Water! I Don’t Think! Alone!)

    – "Tell The Truth" is a straight rock song, sounds like "typical J", and I like the the additional voices singing along in the refrain (guest singer John Petkovic of Cobra Verde)

    – "Someone said" is a quiet song – so full of beauty, with such a heart breaking beautiful tune, I can’t stop listening …

    – The song "Everybody Lets Me Down" is great mid-tempo rock song song with a fine, impressing chorus. Good choice as a single, I think.

    – "Say the Word" is an extensive and laid-back song with a great deal of substantial guitar work – I like the expression "zigzagging guitar solos" that is mentioned in this article

    – "Outside" is a fine mid-tempo song to close the album (well, at least the "official part).

    – The 1st bonus Track on the Japanese release, "No Way" (also b-side of the UK single) is a great uptempo rock song, very typical for J, it fits perfectly to the rest of the album

    – The 2nd "Japanese" bonus track is a 15 min live version of "Alone" (with Ron Asheton playing guitar together with J). The second guitar definitely adds some new dimensions to that beautiful song…
    Of course it’s not coherent with the rest of the album, but being the last song, it doesn’t bother the other songs, and I’m glad to have this outstanding live version in CD quality.
    It’s one of the rare occasions, where Ron Asheton plays guitar on one of J’s own songs, isn’t it?

    to sum it up:



    Thanks for the thoughts on the songs FC <img> it`s interesting to hear what members think of the tunes.The weird beat of Freedom kinda reminds me of Bright Light by Versus,not the song itself but the weird beat of it.



    Well, I just have to relate this story because its so unbelievable. Last Friday my wife gets into a car accident with some idiot in an SUV that backs into her and more or less totals our car. After we deal with all of the bs and finally make it home with the rental car replacement, I am ready to put an end to the crappy day.

    But wait, what is in my mailbox? Why my advanced copy of Free so Free from Ultimatum records…4 DAYS BEFORE THE STREET DATE!!!!!

    I immediately got in an put it in the CD player, and yes it is great. My favorite tracks right now (in an order which is sure to change):

    1) If Thats How its Gotta Be
    2) Free so Free
    3) Bobbin
    4) Outside
    5) Set us Free

    The whole album is really good, with the exception of possibly track 9 (Say the Word)

    Funny how an event can immediately change the mood of a day/weekend.

    Looking forward to everyone’s reviews…

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