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    but what am I going to do with the =TODAY() and =SUM(B2-B1) functions?

    but at least is isn’t pathetic, whew! <img> <img>


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    Not pathetic at all Carl., pretty cute actually….in a good way <img>

    Everybody Let Me Down is a wicked song, have only heard it live though so definitely looking forward to hearing it!!! Wonder what song City Slang will put up in….how many days <img>

    Allison <img>

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    Bucky Ramone

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by Carl.:
    <strong>but what am I going to do with the =TODAY() and =SUM(B2-B1) functions?
    </strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>Great tip Carl! Using these functions I’ve been able to calculate the following amazing fact:

    4 (Four!) days to go, and then it’s J. at Pukkelpop!!!! <img> <img> <img> <img>



    "everybody lets me down" beautifully expresses a lot of things I’ve been feeling lately—Can’t wait to hear the studio versions of all these tracks, thanks very much for the preview! <img>



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by dB – stands for den Buck:
    Great tip Carl! Using these functions I’ve been able to calculate the following amazing fact:

    4 (Four!) days to go, and then it’s J. at Pukkelpop!!!! <img> <img> <img> <img> </font><hr></blockquote><font>Glad I could help!! <img> <img>


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    It’s not pathetic Carl…..
    It may seem to be but it’ll all be worth it once you hear the lp!

    Thanks for the advice Allison, i’d def. recommend 1st single Everybody Let’s Me Down too – that’s the track that’s growing on me the most at the moment…



    hey Ammaring, thanks a lot for continuing with your ‘column’ <img>

    But, what do you think about the studio version of ‘Everybody lets me down’? Some words to drop about Tracks 9 and 10, ‘Say the Word’ and ‘Outside’?
    Would be really great <img>

    Maybe you could say something to Jasper’s question in the Community Announcement forum, too: </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font> how come Mr. City Slang talks about "11 new and electrifying songs" while only 10 appear on the tracklist? Are there ten or eleven new songs on "Free So Free"? The listening audience needs to know! </font><hr></blockquote><font>So, how many songs are on the record you’ve got?

    Do you have the original sleeve? Are there any credits for other musicians? Any credits for studio works? some other things I forgot to ask, but worthwhile to mention?

    there is still much material for your column <img>

    Well, you’ve got the record we all want to have, so… I hope you understand that I’m insisting here… <img> <img> I just can’t wait…
    thank you in advance <img>



    Hey, I’m curious as to whether you got the ready-for-the-shelves version as well, or is it a demo disc or something…

    If it’s anything like More Light, J tossed a couple a extra tracks on the CD-R he sent Jeremiah that ended up as b-sides… Also there was some extra post-preduction work added to the final release, especially the song "More Light" (the "I feel it" part behind the chorus.)

    Unless it is a copy of the final version, artwork and all, I wouldn’t doubt it if you got a bonus track on you hands… Lucky joker. <img>




    You’re not at all pathetic. I wish I’d thought of that. 50 days is too long….



    So many questions, so little time….

    Flying Cloud, i’m gonna fill in the last 3 tracks a little later (hopefully this p.m.)…

    I’ve got an advance promo copy which means it’s the one that journos will be getting. It’s a proper artworked cd in a cardboard sleeve – therefore i only have the disc, front and back cover artwork which doesn’t have any info on collaborations or credits etc. I’m hoping for some more info shortly, i think the press release is being put together soon.

    Hope that fills in some of the gaps for y’all…

    Also, looks like Mr Mascis might be playing in London on 13th Sept.

    More soon….



    8. Everybody Lets Me Down

    The single, starting off with J’s voice over some electric piano (?) before bass, drums and guitars come flooding in:

    "Every guy walks down my street, any girl they care to meet, I know there’s something out there.
    Anytime it seemed ok, had to wreck it couldn’t wait, i know there’s something better, oh no"

    into the chorus with an added fuzz guitar riff, and ethereal backing vocals (in brackets):
    "Everybody Lets Me Down (down, down), all this time i never found,
    Everybody Lets Me Down, I go outside and look around, I never quite on the fell on the ground"

    The third verse is stripped back down to voice and piano (with added highhat) before kicking back in with an immense solo leading into the chorus.

    It’s a slacker anthem a la Freakscene! J’s laid back lyrics backed with a breezy tune, electric playing and urgent drumming.



    9. Say The Word

    Again, noticeably missing the freedom lyrical theme this is a wierd one – part stop-start bouncy riffing (similar to I’m Insane off Hand It Over) and part all-out soloing.

    First verse comes in over a simple repetitive riff, with repetitive – almost playful – lyrics where the ‘people’ / ‘darling’ words are accentuated and clipped making it almost jaunty!

    "Say the word, say the word people, say the word.
    Have you heard, it’s a blur people, have you heard.
    Please believe, be there for me people, please believe.
    I’m going away, i’d like to stay darling, i’m going away,
    it’s not the time, just look inside people, it’s not the time…"

    Then launches into a massive distorted 2min solo that’s a close cousin to the Get Out Of This solo version (on the Feel The Pain single), before fading to a standstill and the verse starting back up – almost like it’s 2 seperate songs melded together.

    Odd but great, one of my faves.



    10. Outside

    A tricky one this, i’m still a little unsure of it. I think it’s a good song in it’s own right but not sure if i like it as an album closer… was kinda looking forward to an all-out blow-out in the vein of More Light.

    It’s a pretty standard mid-paced song, in the latter-period Dino style. Great lyrics though, back with the freedom theme:

    "I’ve been away to long, i’ve been free, on the other side.
    Everything turned out wrong, wait till the evening, i won’t know where to hide."

    It’s got a real nice middle-8, with the line:
    "Where you going baby, i think we’ve been this way too long," before launching into a solo of suitable virtuosity.

    Don’t get me wrong it’s got a great catchy riff, but it kinda ends the album on a downer (tone-wise) rather than the almighty explosion of More Light and compared to the quality of songs that have come before it Outside is a bit of an anti-climax.



    Thanks for the song reviews Ammaring,very cool of you to do that.



    hey ammaring,
    thanks tons for the great effort <img>
    To read your detailed descriptions mellows the pain of waiting a bit <img> (but it still hurts <img> )

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