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    Is the guitar hero dead? Not according to J Mascis.

    Check out our review of his new album…

    Free So Free

    J Mascis + The Fog

    Is the guitar hero dead? Not according to J Mascis. Leaving the junior dinosaurs behind and forming a new band called the The Fog, Mascis keeps the idea of six string shredding alive and in the process produces his most accessible work in years.

    This album has it all. The warm, almost nasal vocal style sung in a range that invites anyone with a voice to sing along, catchy choruses that get under your skin and huge amounts of plank spanking. The spicy guitar gumbo includes alternative scratchings, acoustic overlays, luxuriously long legato passages and even an epic 6-minute title track that builds and builds and builds. It takes real songs to support this much guitar excess without resulting in a self-indulgent mess and fortunately this album features 10 well written tracks.

    Free So Free isn’t a reinvention of the wheel, it’s just a work of strong song craft, assured performance and youthful exuberance. This should help to keep a new generation of guitar noodlers busy in their bedrooms way into the night.
    Rob Hudson



    Modmove.com :aliensmile:

    Great review, I agree on all counts of course :wink: Thanks for posting the link



    expect nothing

    :) greaat review thanks for the link, summed it up reallly well – in a short space :)đŸ™‚


    the spicy guitar gumbo

    that’s so sweet … :mrgreen:



    I agree, that’s a great review of someone who obviously listened much to the album :D :P

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