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    Thought I’d post this for future reference since ultimatum’s site went down

    Free So Free track-by track

    track one: "freedom"
    With a bitchen burst of ass-rockin’ tubs we are en route. The lyrics are clearly about the emotional highs of j’s first parachute jump. Taking off into the atmosphere, tension building as the door opens, then bursting into the blankness of clouds. For you.

    track two: "if that’s how it’s gotta be"
    j starts this one with the beautiful acoustic laconia of his 2001 live shows, before freedom dictates that electricity changes everything. Spin this one for the late Mr. Harrison and watch him flap in the wind. Classic!

    track three: "set us free"
    A beautiful reverse classicist move opens this one, with a bloat-piercing stun-guitar-intro that has a chord progression based on the fuselage structure of a Beechcraft Bonanza. If that ain’t the most bodacious structure rock gambit since Blue Oyster Cult’s "ME-262", we’d like to know what is.

    track four: "bobbin"
    We bob not for apples. We bob not as thread. We bob on the curtain of life’s holy dread. Marc Bolan (especially the tubby, later version) would never dare to stand on the lip of a plane’s exit door. Void or no void. On the other hand, Jeff Lynne might say, "Go for it."

    track five: "free so free"
    When he was guesting with Mike Watt’s band a few years ago, j would often end the night playing a distended raunch version of Funkadelic’s "Maggot Brain". Maybe this one’s for Curtis Mayfield. Sink or fly, right?

    track six: "tell the truth"
    Meltzer once told a story about how when the Soft White Underbelly and Runt both lived out in Great Neck, they used to have jam sessions inside some small airport hangar late at night. One can now imagine that baby j may have sat in.

    track seven: "someone said"
    To understand the difference between political and social conceptualization, you only have to imagine a meat wheel in the shape of a W. Think of that the next time you plummet straight through a flock of birds.

    track eight: "everybody lets me down"
    The crazy archaic keyboard waves almost makes this sound like some early ’70s rocker doing a cover of a Mascis tune. And note the upful twist to the song’s title. I mean, the phrase has a whole different meaning for parachutists, does it not?

    track nine: "say the word"
    The word is Geronimo. And here’s where the backwoodsy laze of j’s voice combines with his bust-ass finger-thinking in a way that achieves the same pure balance that exists between sky and gravity.

    track ten: "outside"
    The lure of the hot sky is no more possible to resist than a half-pipe. Here is where the skate wheel hits the ground and takes the hell off. What a fine goddamn ride.

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