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    the other day when i was at the library i picked up a leaflet advertising a FREE online art course called, "introduction to modern + contemporary art" … the course focuses on the collection at the tate modern (in london), but apparantly you don’t have to have visited the museum b/c all the info you need is available online …

    here’s the info …

    About the Course

    Although the course is open to all, it is designed for people who might be new to modern or contemporary art, or new to learning in general. You may or may not have visited any one of the four Tate galleries. You may or may not have been to college to study art or any other subjects. In short, the course is for anyone, regardless of how much you know about art or about computers.

    The course does, however, require some interest in modern art so that you can get involved right from the start. As you work your way through the course, you will find that you will learn a bit more about modern art with every page you visit.

    By the end of the course you should find that you have a good grasp of some of the main talking points about both modern and contemporary art. You will also be familiar with artworks in the Tate Collection, as these are the main works that we will be looking at.

    How will I learn about the artworks?

    The course is exciting and fun, as well as being thought-provoking. It includes very high-quality pictures of the artworks – some of which you can magnify and move around to view from different angles; sound clips from some of the artists and other commentary; games that are easy to follow, and of course, words and other pictures to help you understand the artworks in focus.

    We have also included some questions which you can answer and then later on review in your Summary Page. There is also the opportunity to have your say and share your thoughts with other people on the course in the Discussion Area that appears at the end of each Unit. If you get this far you will be awarded with a golden award. Get four golden awards and you have successfully completed the Level 1 course!

    How is the course structured?

    We have divided the course into Units. Each Unit looks at a different area of modern art. Choose any Unit you like and study one Unit at a time. You should do four Units to complete the course.

    You must, however, study the Art and Tate galleries Unit. All other Units are optional. This is so that you can understand how artworks are put on display at the four different Tate galleries. Take a virtual trip to Tate St Ives in Cornwall or to Tate Liverpool!

    Each Unit is made up in the following way. One key artwork is studied in-depth. You will also study four other artworks that are related to the one key artwork, but in less depth. Along the way there may also be links to other artworks in the Tate Collection or at other public art gallery websites. These are all signposted on the course.

    We have also included a Glossary, which will give you more information about some of the art terms that are used on the course. On the course pages you can click on a coloured word and the Glossary will appear providing an explanation of that term.

    + here’s the website :


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