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    On my way out of Guitar Center I picked up a free Live c.d. of J.Mascis & the Fog.

    1.Where’d ya go
    2.Maggot Brain (live)
    3.Amma Ring (live)
    4.Repulsion (live)

    (All live tracks recorded during 2001 tour)

    also the video for "where’d ya go" is on there.

    So get on yr bike and visit yr local Guitar Center and pick up one for yrself.
    If you dont have a guitar center then…?

    The fact that its put out by Ultimatum Records
    leads me to believe that there will indeed be a live "Fog" disk eventualy.
    Lets just hope it’s not full of "stooges" covers.



    Thanks a lot for letting me know, I’m gonna try to get over and pick one up tommorow. I’m really excited.



    Wow Thats Cool
    Hey Uma’s Cow can U upload that 2 the FTP Site of Saturnine Please

    Thank U Very Much


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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