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    Just couldn’t let this one pass, no doubt all governments have excessive tax breaks for business but this one…deduct up to 100,000 USD when you purchase a luxury SUV/Truck…Hummers, Land Rovers, Escalade… :shock: The senate rejected the proposal to close the loophole today, so that lets lawyers, doctors, real estate agents continue to deduct these gas guzzling monsters from their taxable incomes :shock:

    Apparently the energy efficient vehicles like electric cars etc only get a $2000 deduction per year… :?

    Hummer for Christmas :?:


    buckingham rabbit

    This pisses me off. :evil:


    The Chalupa

    Hummers suck in my opinion



    My car is worth less than their deduction.

    Toyota: the official car of the indie nation! :P



    I wasn’t exactly a fan of Free Willy, but this is even worse.



    I parked next to a Hummer at a local hospital last week, license plate read KNEE :roll:

    Those are huge vehicles, not sure Canadian surgeons get anywhere near the tax break US surgeons get…hmmm, another reason for our orthopedic surgeons to head to the States :shock: :wink:


    i am convinced suvs will be the downfall of western civilization. there is a hummer on my roomate’s parking level. i frequently spit/pee/give it the finger when we come home drunk. my dream car is prius 8)


    fata morgana

    Oh, I thought the title was "ugly piece of crap car"… :slap:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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