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    Cool little review, although that whole without Lou thing must be a typo… :?

    dosomethingpretty.com :mrgreen:

    Dinosaur JR – Freakscene/Bulbs of Passion
    (Sweet Nothing Records)

    Released: 6 June 2005

    J.Mascis has reformed the original kings of slacker rock, albeit without Lou Barlow, and to accompany this is a re-release for one of the greatest love songs to ever feature a minute long guitar solo. First released in 1988 this is still sounding fresh. A perennial indie disco favourite, and its an era defining song every bit as much as ‘Teenage Riot’ or ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. Very few people can craft a song like J Mascis, the verses are beautifully humble, fragile sentiments we can all relate to, "don’t let me fuck up will you, when I need a friend its still you", then they tear into a couple of heartbreaking solos, searing and sincere the likes of which Matt Bellamy would kill his bandmates to be able to write. Freakscene is one of those perfect songs that will never feature in any TV lists, but we don’t want it to, this one is just for us.

    Neil McLaren

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