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    On this Bob Mould bbs I visit someone recently posted spins list of the top 50 most influential bands, that of course led to a lot of dissing of lists in general. Lots of good reasons for that kind of thing in this article den buck posted, heres a link to the thread…


    So he got people to email him their top ten list of the most influential bands in their worlds…not many people responded…but hey it turned out to be a very cool list. Dinosaur Jr/J Mascis tied with Black Sabbath at 14…SWEEET!!!

    So if your up for it you can email me at..

    [email protected]

    with the top ten most influential bands in your world, 1 being most influential will get ten points, 10 for well tenth will get one point. After about a week or so I will tally up the lists and post the results.

    Or you can just post it here, up to you.

    Allison <img>



    Roberts top 10 ver. 1.0

    1.Dinosaur Jr
    3.Public Enemy
    4.Violent Femmes
    6.bob hund
    7.Built To Spill
    8.Modest Mouse
    9.The Hellacopters

    bands that just as well could have been on my list:

    Weezer, The Rentals, Turbonegro, Broder Daniel,
    The Beatles, Tom Waits, Refused +++++ some I can’t remember right now and hate myself for forgetting later..




    01: Songs Ohia
    02: Will Oldham/Palace Brothers/Bonnie Prince Billy or whatever his name is <img>
    03: J Mascis/Dinosaur Jr
    04: Gore Slut
    05: Motorpsycho
    06: Kiss My Jazz
    07: Smashing Pumpkins
    08: dEUS
    09: Sparklehorse
    10: The Cure

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    Here`s my list:

    Dinosaur Jr
    Husker Du
    Sonic Youth
    My Bloody Valentine
    Buffalo Tom
    Yo La Tengo
    Velvet Underground
    Eleventh Dream Day
    Sleater Kinney

    It was hard to limit it to 10,there`s alot of other stuff I wanted to be in there:Stooges,MC5,Ramones,etc. some solo artists too:Neil Young,Tom Waits,Nick Drake,etc.



    1. Nick Drake
    2. J Mascis
    3. John Fruisiante
    4. Charles Mingus
    5. Weezer
    6. Primus
    7. Jaco Pastorius
    8. The Flaming Lips
    9. Pavement
    10. Kevin Shields


    Long Distance Drunk

    1. Neil Young
    2. Bad Religion
    3. Karl Hendricks Trio
    4. Dinosaur Jr.
    5. Sleater-Kinney
    6. Built to Spill
    7. Guided by Voices
    8. Ben Folds Five
    9. Public Enemy
    10. Weezer

    Also like to find room for: Minor Threat, Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Pilfers, Ani Difranco, and many others, but oh well…



    Reading your great lists…isn’t it hard just to name 10!
    I’ve posted my list to Allison by mail. These bands /artists were in it…random order. A bit conventional, but these were not only my roots but also the roots of many other bands and they all have changed my way of listening to music.

    Tom Waits
    Bob Dylan
    Neil Young
    Beach boys
    Massive Attack
    Velvet Underground
    Miles Davis



    Well, I can’t speak for what influences FreakScene since I am not "it" (contrary to popular self -belief <img> ), but here goes my most influential in this lifetime (disinterest in the exact order of these artists is computed and compounded momently. <img>

    1. Hendrix
    2. Dead
    3. Doors
    4. Dino/J
    5. Metallica
    6. Marley
    7. Joni
    8. Zep
    9. Kiss
    10. Run-DMC

    Hope you’re stratified… err satisfied <img>

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    buckingham rabbit

    i think (revised version):

    1. pavement
    2. yo la tengo
    3. dinosaur jr.
    4. the clean
    5. the field mice
    6. belle and sebastian
    7. scud mountain boys
    8. gram parsons
    9. the velvet underground
    10. the only ones

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    D Sylvester

    Tomorrow I’m gonna say "SHIT! How could I forget…" but for now my list reads:

    1. Who
    2. Damned
    3. Beatles (why I picked up a guitar)
    4. Ramones (why I picked up the guitar again)
    5. Dinosaur/J
    6. Buzzcocks
    7. The Jam
    8. Clash
    9. Iggy/Stooges
    10. Magazine

    Of course, I need to mention all of the following – Bad Brains, Naked Raygun, Flaming Lips, Husker Du, The Replacements, Bowie, Led Zep, The Stones, John Cale, Velvets, Dramarama, Sex Pistols, a honking crapload of film soundtracks, Pink Floyd, Stiff Little Fingers, ah hell, just come over and look at my records. <img>



    Bucky Ramone

    How about this one?

    The Cars, The Beatles, Townes Van Zandt, The Rolling Stones, 808 State, Bob Dylan, Chad And Jeremy, SPK, The Germs, The Incredible String Band, Negative Trend, Joe Byrd, Black Flag, Desfinado, Magazine, Sylford Walker, The Pop Group, Louis Armstrong, Lamonte Young, The Byrds, Tony Conrad, Emmit Rhodes, Johnny Cash, John Fahey, Diamanda Galas, Sylvia Jean, Can, Mouse On Mars, Faust, Pink Floyd, Neu, Tennesse Ernie Ford, Roxie Music, Public Image Limited, John Cale, July, Nico, Lou Reed, The Righteous Brothers, Phil Spector, Throbbing Gristle, Love, Suicide, Led Zeppelin, Madonna, Teenage Jesus And The Jerks,Howlin Wolf, New Order,Smog,Captain Beefheart, Nick Drake, The Mothers Of Invention, Pinback, Burle Ives, The Ronettes, Leonard Cohen, Hank Williams, Ralph Stanley, Miles Davis, Del Shannon, Gil Evans, Mississippi John Hurt, Whitehouse, Merzbow, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Nina Simone, John Lennon, Psychik TV, Teddy Pendergrass, Oval, Pansonic, Butthole Surfers, Enio Morricone, Ligeti, Arvo Part, The Art Ensemble Of Chicago, PJ Harvey, Maryanne Faithful, Bobbie Gentry, Gene Clark, Home,The Carter Family, The Delfonics,Creedence Clearwater Revival, P. McCartney And Wings, David Bowie, Monroe Mustang, D’Angelo, Rain In July, Brian Eno,Fred McDowell, Yes, U2, Bradford Red Light District, Charley Patton, Sightings, Tampa Red, Michael Hurley, The Dave Ware Band, Flat And Scruggs, James Brown

    ps. not my own list, but it could have been…

    trivia question: whose list is this?

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    Metallica!-Motorhead-alanis morrisete-timmy t-lionel richie-fleetwood mac-nirvana-dinosaur jr-suicidal tendencies-slayer-charlie rich-guy clark-some guy with a name like "the oklahoma cowboy" or some shit like that (old school country)(charlie price?)- that’ll do for now



    Guess I should post a list as well, definitely agree its very hard to limit it to ten…but hey, here goes

    1.Rolling Stones (early stuff only)
    3.Sonic’s Rendezvous Band
    4.New York Dolls…I’m grouping Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers with this one…just cause
    7.Husker Du
    8.Jesus and Mary Chain
    9.Dinosaur Jr/J Mascis
    10.Flaming Lips

    Chronological order obviously, these bands changed music and influenced so many of my fav bands its amazing. Of course if it were my all time fav list Dinosaur Jr would be on top!!!!

    So hard not to mention…Swervedriver, MBV, Hydromatics, Hellacopters, Modest Mouse, Sparklehorse, Mercury Rev, Buzzcocks, Pistols,
    Ruts and about a zillion other bands…yeah it hurt not being able to include these!!!

    DMS by the looks of things you and I have very similar vinyl collections!!! Damned reunion tour is coming close to where I live in March…not sure I wanna go but probably will. Saw Captain Sensible on canadian music channel awhile ago…he was wearing a pink tutu and mooned the camera <img>

    Den Buck I haven’t got a clue who made up that list…any hint <img>




    Den Buck,
    Your question reminds me of R.E.M’s it’s the end of the world….funny though



    den buck-don`t know who`s list it is but they can`t spell very well <img>

    I put my list in chronological order then changed it the last minute <img>

    Did`nt put any jazz stuff on my list either,stuck to rock music,if I did it would be:Miles,Coltrane,Mingus,Monk,Evans,Rollins,Bird,Ornette,Dolphy,Ellington,etc.
    I used dimpf`s thread The test of time to edit down from 20 bands to 10,think I`ll pull that thread up later.

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