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    Four Die In Metal Gig Shooting

    At least four people have died during a frenzied attack by a gunman at a gig by metal band Damageplan in Columbus, Ohio. Among the dead is thought to be Damageplan and ex-Pantera guitarist ?Dimebag? Darrell Abbot.

    A fatal shooting occurred last night (December 8) at a Damageplan concert in Columbus, Ohio. NBC 4 reports that the shooting took place shortly after 10 pm at the Alrosa Villa where the group were performing.

    It is reported that among the four, two members of the band were shot and killed and that the gunman died on the scene.

    A gunman stormed the stage, firing five or six shots at Darrell before being tackled by a bouncer as he fired at the stage and into the crowd, according to witness accounts. The gunman was then shot and killed by a police officer on the scene.

    Damageplan was formed by Dimebag Darrell, his brother Vinnie Paul, Patrick Lachman and Bob Zilla. Both Darrell and drummer Vinnie were members of legendary metal band Pantera. The identity of the second murdered band member has currently not been released.

    -> http://www.xfm.co.uk/Article.asp?id=57277

    That is pretty freaking scary and a big shame…

    so where are the metal (as in material not music) detectors?



    This really sucks! :(

    I’ll admit that I was never a big Pantera fan, but I had several friends who were, and they’re going to be really upset by this. I remember that Dimebag often had a column in Guitar World, where he’d teach us how to play cool metal riffs… This is really tragic. :cry:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been scanned by a metal detector while going into a show. Especially at smaller venues, which I get the impression that this was. Despite the circumstances, I really hope that these places don’t start. I think that this was an isolated incident, and I’d hate to see a bunch of cool places go into a panicked lock down…

    R.I.P Dimebag! :cry:



    Bizzare incident :? I`m not a Pantera fan either but have seen Dimebag in guitar mags alot :(
    Disgruntled roadie maybe did it?


    fata morgana

    Funny–isn’t it a macabre anniversary for John Lennon, also? :( :x :evil:



    wasn’t that the 10th?

    my guess is anselmo is feeling pretty bad right now. or really really good, I guess it can swing both ways.



    My Dad came home today and said "What will Guitar World write about now?"

    I never liked Pantera, but I always respected them. One of the few metal bands that remained viable for more than a few years (hell, a few decades).

    But yeah. . . what a fucking metal way to die.


    Randy Jane

    I loved Pantera….Damageplan I never heard though. Dime was placed in my influences for guitar work. Randy Jane is not a metal band, but this he was one of my favorite guitarists. I can only imagine how his brother (Vinnie Paul) feels right now. As for the roady question, it was just a stupid "fan" a no one. I don’t know the reason for this, as I’m sure we’ll now never know, it doesnt matter….Dime is now dead for no reason. People never cease to amaze me….and devistate me. Makes me wonder if this is the field of work I want. -R.J.



    um. . . last I heard Vinnie was in a coma. . .



    It was a crazed fan.I just heard he shouted "you broke up Pantera!"before he shot him.



    !Que Terrible! what a fuckign shame…. pantera has sucked for the last 3 albums … bu tthe guitar work never sucked. dimebag darrell was a metal phenomenom .. i really enjoyed his articles in guitar world magazine.. i dont think i have seen a metal guitarist on the cover as much as him…. although i respect pantera’s music.. i’d have to say the fans are a bunch of assholes .. .i wish the guy woudl have lived so some true pantera roadies could have goen midevil on his ass. what a bummer…. :cry:

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