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    I saw J Mascis and the Fog at the Engine Room in Houston on March 17. They rocked !!! They did a version of the Stooges "Loose" that nearly burst my ear drums. It was incredible. They also did "T.V. Eye". It was a hell of a show.


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    umm johnny holmes, what is the deal? this is a dinosaur jr/j site. sounds like you are used to limp bizkit sites…. around here we try to show a little respect (and sometimes make sense).

    I don’t believe in censorship but a couple more dumbass posts like this and I will silence your IP from accessing the site.

    Welcome to the boards,



    Both J shows at the Wetlands in NYC kicked ass! The crowd on Tuesday however was not that good. J didn’t even do an encore, cause the crowd totally left as soon as J put down his guitar. J and the guys played a few tracks from Dinosaur which was really good to hear. Wednesday they played a lot of tracks off of Greenmind which I loved, especially since they opened with the wagon.
    Mike Watts! What can I say? He is the goddamn man. Screw Lou. Lou never put on a show like Mike did both nights. Mike also acknowleded my existence with a two thumbs up and a handshake. J was his usual reclusive self, but nonetheless thoroughly entertained. If guys get a chance, definately go to as many shows as you can, cause two was somehow not enough. Peace.



    In response to greenminded: I totally encourage everyone who is a visitor to this site (I assume all members have seen a show) to check out a J. and friends show. Dinousaur Jr. & J. Mascis and the Fog combinied there is 7 shows I have seen. Each one unique, each one undoubtedly ROCKED! If you do go, don’t you dare bring ear-plugs…



    Actually, ear plugs would be the safe thing to do cause J is just sooo loud and even Watt talks in his tourdiary about the loudness. My ears just recovered from the DC show and whenever I listen to the record my ears ring like they don’t want to hear the music that was played so loud ever again. That makes me angry at them. Besides, with earplugs you can be right up front without literally going deaf. It is grossly uncool, though.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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