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    I had probably the greatest concert experience of my life February 9th 2001 at the High Dive in Champaign Illinois. My buddy Jake from upper Michigan who is also a Dinosaur Jr. / Fog fan drove about 7 hours to my place in northern Illinois and then we drove an additional 3 hours south to the High Dive.

    The venue is great; it’s divided into an east and west bar, the stage being next to the east bar. Check out their website http://www.thehighdive.com , it’s definitely one of the better venue websites I’ve seen. The first band was called Teenbeaters, who had the typical alternative pop rock sound. They were pretty good. They got the crowd rocking a little bit. One cool thing that happened during their set was that Jake and I saw Mike Watt in the balcony and waved to him. I think we were the only people who saw him. He gave a big smile and waved back. The High Dive has an upstairs where the musicians hang out and it has a little balcony overlooking the stage.

    Next up was Elf Power. Their sound is a little hard to describe, but you can download an mp3 at their site http://www.elfpower.com They have an interesting band; you get to hear organs, saxophones, violins, and of course the usual guitars, bass, and drums. They also got the crowd rocking a bit and Jake and I started shouting, “Don’t shelf the Elf!â€



    hey FogLight,
    that show was great- one of the best shows ive seen- foglight’s review of the show is great- exactly how i remember it-
    i got most of the show recorded- but my recorder screwed up for about the first half of the show- but i got most of it and sounds really good- i dont really know how to put it up as mp3’s but id be happy to send anyone a copy of it. here’s the setlist:

    Mikes House
    All the Girls
    I’ve Had It!!
    Im Not Fine
    Back B4 U
    The Wagon
    Blowin It
    TV EYE
    More Light
    my favorites of that night had to be thumb,the wagon,the ammaring,and severed lips. but it was all great- yeah the highdive was one of the coolest places ive been to- everybody there was really nice and very laid back. i wish we would have stuck around – we got to meet mike and J in atlanta
    last year and they are really nice guys.
    hey – id love to get some copies of those pictures you took if youve got any extras-
    thats got to be the best review of a show ive seen on this site. if you want a copy of that recording just send me an email at [email protected]




    Thanks tons for the great information on the show you guys saw….great pics, fantastic reviews and what an amazing set list….god I wish I had been there it sounds like it was so much fun!!




    "fuck, did that gig fire me up"

    from Watt’s tour diary of the High Dive gig [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/face-icon-small-smile.gif[/img]



    Great review FogLight! The pictures rock!

    "If you can’t pay money… At least pay attention!" – My Dad

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