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    Went to the show last night. 2nd time I have seen J solo acoustic. Last time was 5-6 years ago at the Crocodile in Seattle. Seattle set was amazing but last night was incredible. He added the stompbox in now and had some crazy delay loops that he used for about 3 of the songs. Played some an old Dinosaur song (pre Jr). Just such an amazing surreal experience.

    Downer was the 16 and over part. The place was packed for Modest Mouse and I got asked by 4 kids directly around me "Who is this guy?". Dumbfounded after I replied "J Mascis" or "J fuckin’ Mascis" so I added, "You know, Dinosaur Jr.?" More blank stares. I give up. I must be old. I convinced a few of them to go buy every Dinosaur Jr album. Maybe one will listen.



    Sounds like an incredible show!

    Fingers crossed the MM kids check out some Dinosaur Jr/J Mascis :aliensmile:



    the show was great – it was a sellout and J sounded great. Modest Mouse sounded great too.



    hey futureman & Barton, thanks a lot for the show impressions! :D😀

    hey, a show with J & also Modest Mouse must have kicked ass! :!:
    weird that there were so many youngsters. when I saw Modest Mouse some weeks ago, there were quite many kids, but also people of other ages, the crowd was quite diversified….

    anthony also posted a link to a nice show review:
    teamnull.com Fillmore review :mrgreen:

    July 27, 2004
    Modest Mouse and J Mascis at the Fillmore Auditorium

    Hi all. Last night I saw J Mascis open for Modest Mouse in Denver. It ended up being a good show. Here’s my review:

    J Mascis. He walks out and people start yelling "Yeah, soundguy!" and stuff because they have no clue who he is. He starts with Set Us Free and jocks start yelling "Freedom rock yeah!" and chicks were holding up lighters. But J was here to play and a couple songs later he went into Freakscene and kicked in the distortion. About then people started getting stoked. It was cool for me because I would have loved it either way, but I was happy that the MM fans were impressed with J. J went on to play probably the best acoustic show I’ve seen him do yet. Great setlist. Great sound. Great energy. He was definately showing off his guitar skills too. His solos were crazy all over the place. He played quite possibly the best version of Quest I’ve heard yet along with great versions of The Wagon, Just Like Heaven, Get Me, Everybody Lets Me Down, No Not You Again, The Ammaring and more. He closed with an intense version of Alone that ended with some crazy feedback that shook the house and even put a smile on J’s face. Bottom line, J ruled it. Totally ruled it.

    Modest Mouse:
    They have 2 drummers now. They have people playing little wooden instruments. They have a backup singer that does nothing but backing vocals. It’s like they are 10 piece band now. Anyways, they played great. Mostly new stuff. But the oldy Doing The Cockroach was our favorite song they played. I was impressed with how tight they were and Isaac put it all on the line. Bury Me was sick too. But I have to say that I wasn’t completely blown away. I mean yeah I enjoyed it and yeah they played great, but something was missing. The rawness. They just don’t have that raw energy that attracted me several years ago. I’m happy for them and their success and realize that what they are doing now probably requires more skill then their shows from a few years ago. But I like the old raw sound. One drummer. No silly wood drum instruments. Nothing fancy. Just straight up guitars, bass, drums and Isaac’s wonderful bipolar voice. Oh well, it was a good time.

    Posted by Nully at July 27, 2004 10:23 AM

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