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    Hey Freaksceners,
    My husband called today from the hospital emergency room because he had shot himself with his "bammer"
    (nail gun) in the hand,the nail went all the way through, it was like a piercing but thank God it missed the bone because it would have shattered it.

    Anyone out there have any good stories about personal pain to share? Sometimes it’s just good to feel the pain of everyone.



    whoa. hope he is all right.. that can be painfull, i was a rtoofer for a short spell , and the whole nail in the foot thing made me got back to drywall.. yeaohh. …


    fata morgana

    I’m feeling pain for your husband right now :o



    I hope he gets better soon.

    A similair thing happened with my uncle, cept he nailed his foot to the floor. :o



    I’ve been cut by a samurai sword at a halloween party, nasty buisness, straight to the bone, and split open like a hot dog bun, thank god the alcohol numbed most of the pain



    While it doesn’t qualify a physical pain, I’ve been struggling all week with the death of one of my friends, Matt who OD’d on heroin this past Sunday- the dumbass. He’d been battling the addiction for some time and just got out of the methadone clinic just last month. We buried him Thursday.
    Funny how life goes on and we "heal" by thinking about it less and less. I guess I’m still in the "anger" phase of my acceptence of this cause all I wanna do is drink and listen to the music Matt liked.
    Sorry for the whining and impromtu blogging but hey, just sharin the pain….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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