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    Anyone read this ? Is it worth buying for the J bit ?



    He was in fuzz for like 30 – 45 seconds. A minute at most. If I didn’t like fuzz pedals, just J, it would have been a bad buy though.

    He is not an in-depth storyteller or interview subject. He speaks his piece and is done. He never seems to feel compelled or pressured into extensive explanations. Look how many pauses or edits are in his video interviews. Tons of them!

    This will probably be a bad buy unless you browsed it firsthand before buying it.



    Thanks for that !!!!!! Seemed a pretty good book even without J, but it’s £11 on amazon, and a cheap old eBay copy would have done !

    Might still give it a go though as the idea and point of the book I think I would really enjoy .

    Cheers for the info on J though because I would have had it straight away if there was a chapter in it, and a bit gutted with hardly anything

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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