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    Anita O`day-I Could Write A Book
    Anita O`day-I Fall In Love Too Easily
    Anita O`day-The Man With The Horn
    Art Pepper-Star Eyes
    Bill Evans-Minority
    Cal Tjader-Speak Low
    Chris Connor-Laura
    Eleventh Dream Day-Teenage Pin Queen
    Rock A Teens-Misty Took A Holiday
    Lucinda Williams-Here In California
    Flat Duo Jets-Frog Went A Courtin
    Flat Duo Jets-Hey Boss Man
    Tsunami-Be Like That
    Freakwater-Your Goddamn Mouth
    Trailer Bride-Left Hand Cigarette Blues
    Destroy All Monsters-Meet The Creeper
    Hellacopters-Welcome To Hell


    buckingham rabbit

    hey SG, do you have a theme going with all your mixes or is it just kind of a random selection?



    The bands I`ve been into recently might be on my mixes alot,no,there`s not a theme going on.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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