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    Bucky Ramone



    (1) "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." – Benjamin Franklin
    (2) Beer exists.
    (3) Therefore, God exists.

    I just noticed the signature.. How very Descartes-ian of you.




    my current fav…Voodoo Heart :aliensmile:



    My I skated therefore I am now I’m older sweater :aliensmile: Weezer can have it though :roll:



    Current T favs(If I’d known how to upload pics I would)
    Weezer: If it’s too loud turn it down
    Mambo: Birdbrain
    Mambo: Blind Donkey
    Mambo: Forgive them father, they know not what to wear(said by a mouse on a cross)
    Spunky UK: Imperial Walker
    Spunky UK: Decepticon logo
    Unkown: I used to listen to N’Sync when they were underground.
    Green Spice Girls T
    Orange Neutral Milk Hotel T



    I have this teenage fanclub shirt, but when i where it now i feel like a pervert being i’m getting old and most people don’t know who teenage fanclub is and so they jsut think i’m this wierd-o looking for young girls, but i still love the shirt and the band, it is such a plain shirt, just says teenage fanclub in a design that makes it seem simple like a street sign in the days of coblestone streets. It is cold so tee shirts are so under layers now that time escapes me, i could speak for days on my favorite sweaters. I’ve loved and lost more sweaters than girls, comedy…



    I have too many.

    Album shirts with said covers on them:
    -Damned "Damned Damned Damned" Tshirt
    -Television "The Blow Up" Tshirt
    -Yes "The Fragile" shirt
    -Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures"

    -Red Cursive shirt. "and then the fairys came one night to bring this wretched boy to life"
    -White "Gap Kids (made for kids by kids) shirt
    -white Michael Bolton t-shirt
    -Red Spy vs. Spy shirt
    -Green Belle and Sebastian shirt, typewriteer with "Step into my office baby" on the keys.
    -Black My Bloody Valentine shirt, close up of a girls face, seventeen sizes to big, never worn for that reason
    -pale blue/gray Yo La Tengo Shirt (signed by Ira Kaplan! Also never worn)


    "Robert" wrote:
    (If I’d known how to upload pics I would)

    very easy: if you have a link of a pic from the ‘net, you paste the link (*.jpg ) here into a reply, mark it and press the "Img" button :)



    hmm… okai, that sounds like something even I could manage.
    and if the pic is on my hd, what kinda voodoo would make it visible here?



    you can upload one or more pics into your personal album here on the site and use the link of the pics from there. disadvantage is that only those who are logged in can see the pics from personal albums.
    of course you could also create your own homepage and host pics there, but that’d be a geeky tech discussion, and I’m not exactly the one to ask for details :-P

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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