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    To start a new thread:

    What is your favourite song off of the new album and why?

    Mine is ‘Ground Me to You’ because the chord changes are superb and I really like the bass line. The piano part is amazing, when it cuts to just the piano and hi-hat, then the chorus comes back in but slightly slower, brilliant.

    My other faves are: ‘Ammaring’ and ‘I’m not Fine’

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    My favorite song of the new album right now is Ammaring. Beautiful melody, great guitar work, and especially the contrast between the louder guitar parts and the softer vocal parts of the song is very cool. And I love the lines "remember when I really blew it / wish that I had thought of you."

    My other favorites are: Ground Me To You, Same Day and Waistin’.


    "Stop the sleep,
    can’t vegetate no more.
    Snap me out of it,
    I’m done with my old friend."

    – J Mascis

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    My fav currently is Ammaring…..wow wow wow!!!! Other ones climbing the daily chart are Ground me to you, Does the kiss fit, All the girls. More Light is amazing as well, the swirling feedback with the steady but very cool beat underneath…..love playing that one really really loud. I think I heard the guy upstairs from me trying to play Ammaring….gotta love it.


    ps the whole new disc is incredible the above are just todays picks.

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    gotta say that ammaring, sameday and ground me to you are my current favs! sorry i can not split em!
    p.s: i hated more light the song at first but i gotta say it is a mighty fine track…..later trav

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    I was a huge KISS fan in the 70’s (course I was only about 10 but still…) and every time I hear Back Before You Go I have this vision of J onstage in Ace Frehley makeup shooting rockets from the end of his guitar and standing next to Paul Stanley with pillars of fire in the background and a bloody-faced Gene Simmons lurking in the background somewhere…..ahhhhhhhhh……mommy? when’s dinner? What time’s daddy coming home from work?

    oh, sorry. Anyway, my faves are that one, Sameday and Ammaring. But they are all pretty damn cool.

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    My favourite one is I’m not fine. I just love the chorus with Bob Pollard. Also the intro is pretty cool. The last solo is definitly one of the best of the album.
    Other favourites are Same day and Where’d you go. Also the bonus-tracks are getting better if you listen to them a few times.

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    Just heard couple of songs off the bonus cd that was included with the dutch version of MORE LIGHT…..beautiful songs. These are the kind of songs that would be amazing as the soundtrack to films like Metropolis or The Cabinet of Dr Caligari….wow. Thanks spaceboy, I ordered the disc but has not arrived yet so nice to get a preview.


    ps MORE LIGHT the song is on the way to #1 on my list



    to start with i have to say that MORE LIGHT is one of the finest records i’ve ever listened to and it’s hard to pick one song out of it.
    my current fav (almost changing every day) is DOES THE KISS FIT, the lovely sung lines after the guitar solo make my heart melt. i also love SAMEDAY, WAISTIN’, GROUND ME TO YOU, AMMARING…



    My current favorites are Ammaring and Ground Me To You

    I think that
    Where’d You Go
    Back Before You Go
    Does The Kiss Fit

    would be the best singles because they have the catchiest lines.
    I also like Same Day, All The Girls, and Can I Take this on a lot. I think the abov mentioned 8 are the best songs J has ever written and he is improving as a songwriter.

    However I find Waistin’ kind of boring although I’m know some people will like it a lot. And I can’t stand I’m not find, it reminds me too much of the Kiss type music that I hate.



    I’m Not Fine
    More Light
    Where’d You Go

    Like with any new album, I have a new fav every day. Going to see J live in Toronto next week…..WOOHOO!

    …get me a bucket…



    To choose one particular song from this incredible album is crazy….but I’ll try

    Im Not Fine….no wait maybe,
    Ground Me to You, nooooo, its gotta be
    Ammaring…..fuck it! Its all goooood!



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    To tell the truth I don’t know what they were thinking when they put Were’d you go out as the 1st (and so far only) UK single – not that it’s a bad song, but it’s pretty Mascis-by-numbers, y’know?
    I’m Not Fine, Ammaring and Ground Me to you are probably my faves but it changes day to day…
    Sameday would’ve been a great 1st single – an ace way to start the album – though i’d love to see More Light put out… imagine that getting daytime radio play!

    i need more light…



    I think my favorite song would be MORE LIGHT, coz I’m a big Pink Floyd fan and somehow that song reminds me of Pink’s ONE OF THESE DAYS.

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    At first my favorite song was "Ground Me to You". After about a thousand turns in my CD player, here are my top five:

    1) Did the Kiss Fit
    2) Ammaring
    3) Ground Me to You
    4) Same Day
    5) All the Girls

    All in all a great album.

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