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    I must say, this video is right up my alley!



    Brilliant, So dinosaur jr could quite literally play a dinosaur in the next Jurassic Park !



    This one cracked me up. Truly a classic moment in documenting the sonic wall that is a Dinosaur Jr live show 🙂



    Talk about loosening the bolts on the ship!

    If I could have only documented all the funny conversations I’ve heard at Dinosaur Jr shows…I know I’ve put a couple of them here but my days of going to shows is numbered…I can tell, which sucks. When my Dad (a Leo also with Sag moon, just like my husband) was my age, my sister and I would visit from college and say….”Dad, lets go out, lets go eat..then go somewhere!” and my Dad would be like “the only somewhere I’m going is to bed” and my Sissy and I were like WTF Dad…it’s like 7:30 PM. We were worried, we thought, he must be sick or something….Well, here I am the same age, and unless it’s an emergency, I don’t ever need to be anywhere other than my bed after 9 in the evening….and all y’all in your 20’s this too will happen to you some day.

    One of my fav Dinosaur Jr conversations…and also a learning tool I can use to help my daughters understand the male human is as follows:

    bitchy girlfriend is complaining that “ITS TOO LOUD, and I DON’T LIKE THIS” over and over. Then she leaves to go get a drink or to the bathroom and doesn’t come back.

    First Friend Says…”Dude, I think your girlfriend left”
    Boyfriend Says….”Yeah, that’s cool”
    First Friends Says…”Yeah, THAT is cool Bro”

    That about sums it up. Now if he had been a Pisces or a Cancer he would have run after her but these guys were like “Geez, what a relief” I was LOL!!!!



    I would`nt run after her but you know I`m not a Pisces or Cancer 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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