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    im making a sad song cd right now and so far i have
    cats in the cradle – harry chapin
    seasons in the sun – terry jacks
    everybody hurts – rem

    thats all i have right now. i am checkin yer listings and gonna check em out. later [img]images/smiles/icon_cool.gif[/img]



    My top ten, in the order that they came to me:

    "I See A Darkness" – Will Oldham

    Tie Between "Some Things Last A Long Time" and "Careless Soul" – Daniel Johnston

    "Many Rivers To Cross" – Jimmy Cliff

    "I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry" – Hank Williams

    "I Told Jesus" – Roberta Flack

    "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" – Nirvana

    "Gone For Good" – Morphine

    "Your Wedding" – Smog

    "Tonight Was A Disaster" – Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

    "You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away" – The Beatles



    dinosaur jr – Quest (acoustic), water, drawerings, goin home, get me,

    husker du – too far down
    buffalo tom – taillights fade
    social distortion – ball and chain
    alice in chains – down in a hole



    From the top of my head:

    Neil Young – Borrowed tune, Birds
    Roy Orbison – It’s over
    Juliana Hatfield – When you loved me
    Todd Rundgren – It wouldn’t have made any difference, Sweeter memories
    Maria McKee – Panic beach
    Lloyd Cole – No blue skies, Loveless, Are you ready to be heartbroken?

    I agree that almost all dino/j songs are sad, so if I’d start picking out a few right now I’d never get to bed (it’s 2 am).




    Definitely nice to see a couple mentions for Husker Du….great songs!!! Have to add another Grant Hart tune, even Bob Mould had to admit that he has "a voice to die for"

    You Don’t Have To Tell Me Now…Grant Hart

    Allison [img]images/smiles/icon_razz.gif[/img]



    goin home and alone–definitely up there with the ultimate sad songs. j is great for that, and mogwai has some great ones too. "sad songs remind me of friends…" (mogwai)



    goin home, get me, and alone–definitely up there with the ultimate sad songs. j is great for that, and mogwai has some great ones too. "sad songs remind me of friends…" (mogwai)



    here`s my list…

    in no particular order:

    not the same-dino
    no bones-dino
    flying cloud-dino
    forget the swan-dino
    on every street-dire straits
    pictures of you-cure
    same deep water as you-cure
    you loved me before-breeders/j mascis


    my name is lisa

    <UL>el sol – mark lanegan
    too hard – j mascis
    red water – type o negative
    how? – john lennon</UL>wow, this is kinda depressing…


    John Dyson

    The Husker Du fans should perhaps try some of bob Mould’s solo stuff, v. sad but kinda uplifting if that makes any kind of sense.

    From the Uk should also try, Geneva, House of Love, Puressence all heart breaking at various times



    Hey John,

    Good call on the solo Bob Mould, Sweet Serene,Moving Trucks and New #1 off LDAPS are incredible tunes!!! You made perfect sense about his sad songs being uplifting…they always make me smile. His band Sugar was pretty sweet as well, very poppy but WOW. Hope you have checked out some of Grant Harts solo stuff. Intolerance is the best but the new one has some very good songs…what a voice!!!


    ps 2541 by Grant Hart is far superior on the single version [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]



    I agree with a lot of the songs posted, however I think we have missed a few of J’s classic sad songs. In particular, some of my favorites are:

    1) Outta Hand (I love the piano fills near the end of the song)
    2) Mind Glow
    3) Sure Not Over You (One of the more underrated Dino Jr songs in my opinion)
    4) Severed Lips


    John Dyson

    Thanks for the reply Alison, gotta agree with you on the last Dog and Pony Show, a little under rated over here i think, but I love it.

    I’m probably on the wrong site, but any opinions on grant hart vs Bob Mould when they were in husker du – I’ve got a friend who swears their albums would have been improved no end if they left Grant’s song’s off!

    Sugar also amazing, one of the first "indie" bands I got into so still have a lot of affection there.



    Hey John,

    Grant Harts songs are some of my fav tunes from Husker Du, Candy Apple Grey for example includes tons of GH’s songs…Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely, Sorry Somehow, Dead Set On Destruction. Flip Your Wig and Warehouse have some incredible songs, great songs from both Mould and Hart. Hard to imagine those being as great without GH’s songs/vocals.

    The feud between Hart/Mould continues to this day, pretty intense hatred there…have you checked out Poison Years by Mould…yikes. Grant dissed Sugar as being "just a pop band", thats what I loved about them!!

    Hopefully Bob Mould will release something in the near future, he did the soundtrack for Hedgwig and the angry ???..sorry not sure what the whole title is. Grant Hart is currently touring, recently caught a show and was completely Awe Struck!!! He did a couple of HD songs…Heaven Hill, Don’t Want To Know If Your Lonely, Flexible Flyer and tons of Nova Mob/Solo stuff. He has an exhibit opening in some Seattle Museum ( I think) of some art work…hopefully some will show up on his new site..http://www.granthart.com/&#8221;>http://www.granthart.com/.

    Nice to meet another HD/Mould/Sugar fan!!!


    All J Mascis sad songs do the same thing for me as you described Bob Moulds sad ones…always make me feel better!!



    Cold Brains -Beck
    Jealous Guy -Lennon

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