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    I never Knew a rubber doll would be so hard to please

    even though it was said allready its still my favorite i even thought about using it as my yearbook quote

    "You look down at me and see a fool, you look up at me and see your lord, you look at me and see yourself"
    Charles Manson



    ‘Nowhere to collapse the lung,
    breathes a doubt in everyone.’

    Makes me smile every time.


    ‘confusion is sex’



    "every dream shot by daylight"

    "i clogged my tidy mind with muck"

    and all the lyric on the song "green mind" quite amazing song [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]



    "don’t stay in long
    no-one’s that strong"

    I didn’t really rate this track till I heard the version on "Wasted Lovesongs".



    Repulsion’s opening line:
    "I feel your eyes upon me, how should I act today."

    "I am so smart, I am so smart, s. m. r. I mean s. m. a. r. t. – Homer"



    "saw you down across the water
    floating safely in the way you do.
    then I scrammed before you saw me
    gotta keep thinking you wanted to"

    Lyrically green mind is my favorite album.
    The Wagon, Blowing It, I live for that look, Water described perfectly how I felt when I was 16 (when I first heard the album) and had a mad crush on a girl. The songs are so innocent and hopefull.
    The wagon is great too
    "there you are an here I stand trying to make you feel my hand. Ring the doorbell in your mind but it’s locked from the outside. you don’t live there anyway but I knock on it all day."

    then the bridge, this is the best bridge ever what a melody.
    "there’s place I’d go but you’re not there and I’m supposed to know how to get to where you’re gonna be but you don’t even know.."

    "hey be better this time, hey get out of my mind"
    "hey it’s going no place, hey don’t give me that face"



    This could be the beginnings of a great psych. experiment:

    "I’d like to think she cries for me
    But I don’t know
    Her memories won’t let me be
    Just can’t let go
    In the moe-nin’….
    Is when I think about her
    Could it be she cries for me?
    I don’t think sooo…."

    Mmmmmmm….floor pie.





    I’ve got a lot of favorites but here’s what comes to mind right now. In general, I love everything on Bug and Green Mind and I love Keeblin’, the song and the import.

    "Boredom won’t stop as long as I feed it…"

    "Sometimes I don’t thrill you
    Sometimes I think I’d kill you
    Just don’t let me fuck up will you
    ‘Cuz when I need a friend it’s still you."

    "If I don’t explain what you oughta know
    You can tell me all about it at the next
    bawl show…"




    Two come to mind- "It’s a special place / it’s been hard to taste / but if you let me / it won’t go to waste", from Gotta Know. Also, if I hear it correctly, there is a line in Can’t We Move This that goes "Turn your lonely life on me / and my love is there to greet you / just take anything you see".

    Don’t have one favorite but I think these are some of the most beautiful & raw. Of course, the non-love songs have some choice words as well. [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/face-icon-small-wink.gif[/img]



    "I can’t take it back today
    You wouldn’t give it anyway
    I’m sayin’ what I just can’t say
    It’s just not the thing to be
    Can’t figure out a way to play
    It up so that you wanna say
    Whatever’s cool with me"




    ‘whenever you get in my face
    there’s something strange I start to taste’



    nothing like I pictured it

    I can’t stand to waste another day
    Help me use it help me choose another way



    "Won’t you come, ’cause I’ve been waiting."

    "They all told me, then you told me.
    But I stayed around. Then again I hit the ground."

    "I want to know God’s thoughts, the rest are details."
    -Albert Einstein



    good one raisins is very lyrically profound

    I know what you did to me
    I know what you did was wrong
    Your life is to torture me
    itll bug me till im gone

    or somethign like that great song a great classic and the best album ever made

    its better than sgt peppers

    "You look down at me and see a fool, you look up at me and see your lord, you look at me and see yourself"
    Charles Manson



    squeeze my mind, just to wring out the last drop of sense. -where’d you go

    i’ll be down, i’ll be around, i’ll be hanging where eventually you’ll have to be. -raisins

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