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    I was just curious, what are some of your favorites? So many classics to choose from….

    and resident idiot



    Just one out of, as Jeremiah said, so many to choose from:

    "Figures, I don’t get to meet you.
    I know, whatever it’s still the same."


    "The world is my lesbian wedding."

    – Chandler



    There’s a place I’d like to go When you get there then I’ll know

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    I love the caterpillars
    Munching on the leaves
    Pitter patter
    Makes me forget my disease
    Bugs have feelers just like me
    & I’m feeling oh so lonely

    Are U Out There Cuz I See Scary Things Across The Water



    "am I acting on something real or am I blowing it again"




    there never really is a good time
    there’s always nothin much to say
    pretty good not doin that fine
    i’m gettin up most everyday

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    So many to choose from for sure. Here is the first one that comes to mind:

    "Wrap my leg around the table
    I’ll make the trip when I’m more stable…..

    I’ll leave the house when I’m less scared
    Don’t make me go, I’m not prepared"

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    "Why, Why don’t you like me?"

    This is probably sung by Lou, but the emotion behind it is enormous.


    "I am so smart, I am so smart, s. m. r. I mean s. m. a. r. t. – Homer"



    There are quite a few classics, guess this is as good as any:
    "There’s a place I’d go.
    But you’re not there,
    and I’m supposed to know
    How to get to where you gonna be,
    when you don’t even know."

    And when the day ended we were all happy. It had been fun and prizes for everyone.



    You guys are posting some great ones. This one comes to mind right now….

    "I’ll be grazing by your window
    Please come tap me on the head
    Just want to find out what your
    Nice to me for"

    jeremiah [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/05.gif[/img]



    "I never knew a rubber doll would be so hard to please" severed lips



    I got another one….

    "I’ve been pickin’ through my thoughts,
    it’s a shame my judgement rots"



    "I got no advice ’bout anything just fuck it up yourself. Is she the kind of girl that’s worth getting in such a sticky mess?"

    "Hey girl now walk me home no drive me home now pick me up again waiting for things to change they’ll rearrange oh no not you again. If I say a word just stop me ’cause I really should shut up. Guess I’ll split now just forget you met me sorry I fucked it all up."

    "The time has come,
    I ain’t gonna fester no more,
    Let the world be free of my disease,
    I never knew a rubber doll could be so
    hard to please."

    "You’re better than my rubber doll ’cause you don’t stain so easily."

    Sorry I guess I have a lot of favorites. The lines from Severed Lips are so harsh! I’ve been thinking about them lately ’cause I broke up with my girlfriend recently.

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    "But I’d love to hear that story once again.
    It’s the only part of me you still defend."

    "I’d like to see you, in the morning.
    In the evening, but you need a warning."

    "Why won’t you be my friend?
    I would love to hold you tonight.
    Even if we just pretend."

    Yea I agree, Severed Lips is really harsh. Almost depressing, but soothing nonetheless.
    I kinda wonder what a psychoanalyst would make out of our prefered lines…
    Better to not ask probably.

    And when the day ended we were all happy. It had been fun and prizes for everyone.

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    You mean
    "you’re better than my PILLOW, because you don’t stain so easily"

    I wrote a big thing about this song and I’m moving it to A different discusion

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