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    Hey Rô Rock, here’s that link again:

    Wibble’s Unofficial Dinosaur Jr Page

    It contains most of the the Dino lyrics, but without Hand It Over. For Hand It Over you can look here:

    Hand It Over Lyrics

    There are some more transcriptions of the Dino lyrics in the web, which are sometimes slightly different [img]images/smiles/icon_cool.gif[/img]

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    Thanks, thanks, thanks! Some years ago, when I couldn’t access the Internet, a friend of mine, printed almost all the lyrics. Now I want to find the rest of More Light lyrics, but I’ve been searching in the Internet and I think it’s impossible! Some days ago, I found the lyrics for "Anticipation", "Throw Down", "Every Mother’s son". You don’t know how hard is, for me, to understand what J. sings! But it seems to be part of his magic!



    "Maybe that’s why young people make success. They don’t know enough. Because when you know enough, it’s obvious that every idea that you have is no good."

    –Richard Feynman



    Another one: "no one’s satisfied with merely a cut" (Bulbs of Passion"



    Here’s another one that I think nobody mentioned. It’s beautiful!
    "When I saw you
    It’s the hardest thing for me
    I started shaking
    Wondering where could you be from…" [img]images/smiles/icon_rolleyes.gif[/img]



    <blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by kerb-dogma:
    <strong>Who is richard feynman by the way?</strong><hr></blockquote>
    The man was the shit if you ask me; one of the greatest theoretical physicists ever, a wicked bongo drummer, a painter and a writer of some really cool books.



    A classic, because I was just listening to the acoustic version of "Severed Lips" on Quest:

    "I won’t cry if you walk by,
    but if we both kinda stumble,
    maybe I’ll say ‘hi’.
    That’s my best, I never try that much,
    because I’m scared of feeling
    that appealing touch."



    id think i’d go with something like this
    ”Can you see me there?
    ’cause I’m not sure
    See me, ’cause I lost my nerve
    See me there, ’cause I feel worse again
    Come on life
    I’m almost ready
    Not right
    I’m almost ready”

    explains pretty good how i feel right now. i love the lyrics on green mind and without a sound



    I been pickin’ through my thoughts
    it’s a shame my judgement rots
    and I sure go where I belong.
    It’s a call that’s tough to make
    it could be a big mistake
    can’t you help move it along?
    If I keep stewin’ ’bout how I feel
    eventually you’ll split, then I won’t have to deal
    sounds like a plan.
    But it’s kind of lame to let it slide
    knowin’ either way I haven’t tried
    can’t figure out where it all stands
    in the green mind.

    The "sounds like a plan"-part gives the shivers everytime. Love it to death.



    “You’ve been frying for it. A mound of smack won’t fill the cracks. They always come in twos and all the space they always use”.
    “I’m tired of your little plan I’ve been around too long. I’m tired of walking, talking with you urging me along. I lie to test your patience, I know you’ve always known. You know that I’m a thief so afraid to be alone.”
    and my most favorite
    “Turning towards a time so free. Justice has finally escaped me. Dripping words of yesterday, have set my feeble mind astray.”
    Amazing shit there is so much more I could probably write several pages of lyrics but you guys already know them so what’s the point.



    Please see below….



    ^ Yes this song brings me to tears everytime it’s almost as if J is trying to comfort you through a hard time.



    “The world drips down like gravy, with thoughts of love, so hazy… REPULSION!!!” (from “Repulsion”)
    “Why don’t you like…… MEEEEEEEE?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!????!?!?!?!” (from “Don’t”)
    “Hey, I live for that look! Hey, is that all it took? I know why… I KNOW WHY!!!” (from “I Live for that Look”)
    “A mound of smack!, won’t fill the crack!” (from “They Always Come”)



    “i wanna help you
    i sense you’re riding pretty low
    i’ve got the feeling
    where your hair hits the sealing
    something babe, you ought to know”

    the whole song is beautifull, especially the soft guitar solo.



    Turnip farm …..

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