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    Matty qui-9

    I don’t know where to start, the officials had their heads up their asses and our offense could seem to complete a pass longer than 3 yards. The packers didn’t really win that game, the bears lost it. However next sunday is another team, but we’ll have to play differently if we want to have a shot at winning. I will not lose faith in The Bear.

    salty in chicago


    buckingham rabbit

    to save this from becoming a discussion about football (however, i love the only ones!)…

    ‘the lights explode/she stood burning in front of me/she ripped my heart out being mean/my eyes were broken, cemented to her face"

    really, ‘raisans’ is just fucking great all around. probably my favorite dinosaur song, followed by ‘repulsion’, which also has completely wonderful lyrics.

    ‘thought i knew you/stuck out my hand/you bit/wish i could understand’

    ‘can’t climb out of this hole/its just like cats in a bowl’ (this is lou?)

    and then this, which is particularly apt for me now:
    "i’d love to meet the one/ who broke my heart/i know she’d melt me with her dance/her subtle colors, her sweet smile/but its a shame/she’ll never get that chance"

    ’embarrased to be alive’


    Matty qui-9

    sorry, won’t happen again.

    you’re not going to get me through this are you!?


    K7 Rides Again

    hide—I’m so numb, can’t even react



    " Sometimes I don’t thrill you Sometimes I think I’ll kill you Just don’t let me fuck up will you ‘Cause when I need a friend it’s still you What A Mess "

    That one always seems to put a lump in my throat.



    Caught something funny ia few weeks ago:

    "Western Union Desperate" by Mary Lou Lord ends with:
    So Hey! California here I come
    I got my old backpack and a sunburned thumb
    I hope my compass is tried and true
    ‘Cause when I need a friend, it’s still you

    Trying not to get musicians sued,



    In A Jar- "Just wanna find out what you’re nice to me for" and "Alls I could do was lick your hand"
    It just sums up all that youthful question of "Is this love, baby? Or is it just confusion?" -(great Hendrix line)


    Originally posted by no:
    [QB]"Why, Why don’t you like me?"

    This is probably sung by Lou, but the emotion behind it is enormous.

    I’m right with you. The conviction is overwhelming in this song. Drives me blind with rage sometimes.



    I see that you’re choosing excelent lines, I’ll try to be back later to read the rest of them. J. has lots of good lines, all love the lyric for "Raisans", here’s one that I remember at this moment:

    "Now you’ll have to decide the fate of my sanity"

    Well, if I have time, I’ll choose some more. [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img]



    Ok, after a quick research (my memory doesn’t work very well…)

    "Come on babe, come on rescue me, just this last time" (Kracked)

    "Chained to this corpse for one more day" (Lose)
    "Embarrassed to be alive, sit with my life, open wide" (The Leper)

    "I feel the pain of everyone, then I feel nothing" (Feel the Pain)

    "I yearn to see
    The glow of her eyes as I appear
    A sign of satisfaction
    Could be the sweetest sound" (Quest)

    "I’ve been a wreck so long, it’s hard to pull it out" (On the Way)

    "Couple of things are cool, still most shit blows" (Pebbles&Weeds)

    "Please don’t leave, no just yet, cause it’s brutal, I can’t forget" (Turnip Farm)

    "It’s a two ton weight that’s wrapped around my chest" (Hide)

    Well, you’ll think that I’m a depressing person…No!
    I just love sad lyrics! Bye!



    Ever notice that on the first album J was writing alot of lyrics and over time wrote less and less words in a song on later albums?



    Yes, I think when people are younger, they’re more rebel, desperate, or something like this. I remember that, when I was a teenager, I wrote lots of things, thinking about being in a rock band. Nowadays, I’m incapable to write a simple letter!
    Oh, the prodigy of Internet…Yesterday, I listened to a Velvet Monkeys’ song for the first time! I tried to find their records, but I had to quit! Yesterday, I listened to "We Call It Rock" and I liked it! I think J. is playing in this song. Bye! [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]


    John Dyson

    hi everyone

    Just wanted to say that dino/ j songs are often more about the mood they create – for me anyhow – rather than the specifics of the lyrics.




    John, I agree with you. As I said when I was looking for the "More Light" lyrics in this site, Dinosaur Jr. was the only band that made me forget the lyrics, the way the songs sound were enough for me. I’m Brazilian and I don’t understand English well, so I’m always searching for the lyrics that the bands I love write. But Dinosaur Jr. was the only one who gave me this feeling. But now I WANT ALL THE LYRICS! Bye! [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]



    Hey RR
    Awhile ago Flying Cloud found some lyrics to Dino`s songs,it`s on page 5 of Dino Lyrics in Dinosaur 101,I`ll go look for it.

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