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    We did a poll with all the other albums
    So lets create 1 for his new album :)

    So whats yr favorite track of that great album

    Just curious

    My favorite track is Free So Free, Amazing Acoustic Guitar in that song



    While I listened to this wonderful record over and over again in fall last year, I realized that I more and more liked the slow & quiet songs on it. ‘If that’s how its otta be’ is beautiful, ‘Someone said’ is heartbreaking, but most of all I like the song ‘Free so Free’ 💡 :P :mrgreen:

    On the other hand I appreciate to rock songs, too, can’t really decide. It seems to me that the loud songs let the quiet songs shine… :)


    expect nothing

    hmmm.. Hard they all got there own bits which make them best in differnet ways ( that made more sense in my head :? ) but i’m gonna go for Bobbin seemed to stick out most when i first listened to the album.



    Set Us Free.

    But when the drums kick in on Everybody Lets Me Down…



    Bobbin’ followed closely by No Way, If That’s How It’s Gotta Be, Set Us Free, Say The Word, Freedom… 8)

    Allison :aliensmile:



    Set Us Free, but was close to voting for No Way



    It`s hard to pick just one;I think Say The Word is amazing because of the guitar solo;If That`s How It`s Gotta Be is cool because it`s mostly acoustic;but I think Free So Free is the best because it got a great feel to it(it does`nt sound like Cortez The Killer as some reviewer has said :? )



    I think ‘set us free’ is one of the best songs J has done – the verses have a great athem feel. I listened to it after a few drinks one night and it sounded especially cool and faster than usual :?



    I voted for "If that’s how it’s gotta be", though it has been very hard to pick up that one and not consider the other ones ("Outside" and "Tell the truth" first and foremost).

    Anyway, you can’t beat that sadly melancholic guitar lick in the song I have chosen ! :D


    "It’s a shame I just can’t rot / And I sure feel rotten long " – J. :cry:

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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