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    Well, we all know that Dinosaur Jr. is one of our favorite bands that is no longer a band. I am curious to know what other bands people still like even though they no longer are a band. What bands CD’s do you still play and enjoy even though they are no longer around? Who put out the meaningful music that refuses to die? (Obviously we could go back in time a ways for this so I would say try to limit your responses to bands that have broken up within the last 10 years).

    My list:

    1) Uncle Tupelo- I wasn’t even living in St. Louis when these guys were still a band, however I still love all of their CD’s. I recently picked up a soundboard quality CD bootleg of their last ever concert at Mississippi Nights in St. Louis and it absolutely smokes.

    2) Archers of Loaf- Love the CD Vee Vee, unfortunately never witnessed live.

    3) Morphine- These guys had such a unique sound when they came out. Too bad lead singer Mark Sandman career cut short by heart attack.

    4) Grateful Dead- Call me a hippie or whatever, but I thought Garcia was a genius. I still enjoy hearing the Dead whenever I find ocassion to pop them in the stereo.

    Looking forward to hearing every one else’s input.



    FC72-Uncle Tupelo were great for sure,alot better then Wilco and Son Volt if you ask me.The Archers were great as well,loved them too.
    Here`s my list:
    Red House Painters(not sure if they broke up)
    Versus(not sure about them either)
    Eric`s Trip
    Husker Du

    I`ll think up more later



    Hey, good topic <img>

    too many of my favorite bands don’t exist anymore …I start feeling old <img>

    right Salami, there are the Hüsker Dü, there are further the Pixies and Pavement.

    I especially miss the Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine
    (I never heard that they really broke up, but they never proved the opposite, either)
    And the big hereoes of my teenage years, the Gun Club (raw, fast C&W and Blues inspired punk rock) had to split because their leader, Jeffrey Lee Pierce died in 1997 <img>

    Many more of the bands I once listened to broke up, but these are the ones I really enjoy to listen to steadily




    Alice in Chains
    Pink Floyd (w/ R. Waters)
    Afghan Whigs
    Sebadoh ?!?!? (who knows)

    why those? Probably since I saw the first three in small venues.. Like the Palace (Nirvana), UCSB Gym (Soundgarden), and the Ventura Theatre (AIC).. When you are 17-19 going to see bands like that in venues like that, it sure does make a lasting impression..

    yep, that was me.. "grunge-man". whatever the hell that was.. I was more partial to "One-Eyed Stoner"



    buckingham rabbit

    Pavement definitely has to be on my list as well. The first show I ever went to was Pavement during the Crooked Rain tour. That was high school, so I guess they were my favorite ‘current’ band from then through college.

    Goddamn, since ’92 though…

    Scud Mountain Boys, even if they basically live on through Pernice’s other stuff.

    The Field Mice, not that I knew about them when they were together.

    I can’t think right now and I’m at work so I can’t look at my cds…more later…



    The Beatles-Duh
    The Clash
    The Pixies
    The Smiths
    Rites of Spring-just discovered this band, so I might be streching "favorite" but still a great band.
    The Plutonium Kidz-Great local band.
    That Dog-anybody remember these guys? they had some good moments.
    Radiohead-well the Radiohead I liked is gone.
    When it comes down to it, most of the great bands "were"

    I think MBV is gone. Kevin Shields told TapeOP magazine that he’s working on a solo project. Of course MBV pratically was a solo project.



    I read in Rolling Stone today Anna(e?) Waronker of That Dog has a solo record out. I never heard of Dog, but just remember seeing this in passing today.



    Bucky Ramone

    Young Marble Giants
    Dream Syndicate

    to name but a few……

    (and lots of bands already mentioned: Dinosaur Jr, Uncle Tupelo, Pixies, Pavement, Husker Du…….)


    Long Distance Drunk

    Dino, Pixies, Pavement, Husker Du, Sugar–agreed
    I’d add:
    Minor Threat
    Henry’s Dress
    At the Drive-In



    Malc-Tom is right,Anna does have a solo album out,I have`nt heard anything from it yet,should be good though,I liked That Dog alot,especially Retreat From The Sun.
    Javro-Jacob`s Mouse were good,I liked No Fishshop Parking alot,did`nt like I`m Scared that much though.Polvo I miss alot too,Sammy were ok,very Pavementy but still could come up with some good tunes.
    VF-I `ve been wondering about Swervedriver too,they said a months back about a new album soon,I think they`re trying to pull a MBV trick on us.
    Carl-check out the Radar Brothers,they kinda sound like early 70`s Pink Floyd with some Beatles and Neil Young thrown in,epitonic.com I think has some mp3`s by them.

    a few more from me:
    Mazzy Star
    Rein Sanction
    Squirrel Bait/Slint/Bitch Magnet/Gastr Del Sol(all these bands are linked)


    Long Distance Drunk

    Good call on 3rd Bass!
    Malc–half of the guys from ATDI are Sparta, half are Mars Volta. Neither play any ATDI songs. Less of the same band than J & the Fog are Dino, for example.



    I’m not putting Dino Jr. since J. still plays from the Dino Canon and practically was Dino anyway. Also, I’m not putting Nirvana since they didn’t so much "break up" as "died."

    RATM (as we knew it)
    Mazzy Star
    Faith No More
    Gin Blossoms (questionable, they’re kinda sorta back together)
    Man Or Astroman? (also questionable)
    Unlce Tupelo
    Temple Of The Dog



    Primus is still around. They’re just taking a break. At least that’s what I’ve been told. The guy’s have been around for 20-something years, let them have a rest from each other.

    And I never did understand the difference between the Fog and Dino Jr. But I’m staying quiet



    damn, i can not believe I forgot .. Jane’s Addiction..

    I do have one question.. there was no pretense for Temple of The Dog.. it was for only one album, after Wood died.. so is that a breakup???




    Definitely miss a lot of the bands mentioned…Dino Jr, Husker Du, Sugar, JAMC, Lemonheads and so on.

    Will add another to the not sure they’re no longer with us list…Swervedriver. I actually think it wasn’t them that put out 99th dream… <img>

    Allison <img>

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